Slam Your Softail!

Hydros for Harleys

Hydraulically Slam your Softail

Softails give their owners the best of both worlds...the look of a hard tail but the comfort and ride of a bike with suspension. Most agree that a slammed Softail looks best but is it worth sacrificing the ride quality? Well thanks to our Aussie buddy Ken Rutherford and his all new Slamtail, Softail owners no longer have to choose between the look and function.

Designed to reuse the OEM spring and shock units and maintain the stock ride quality the Slamtail uses hydraulically powered rams to raise and lower the bikes rear suspension. A simple remote key fob moves the bike from the stock ride height to slammed down in a matter of seconds and actually standing by the bike and watching it go through the travel looks impressive to say the least. The whole system is neatly packaged under the bike and is protected from the elements and road grim by a zinc plated powder coated steel plate. Every part of this lowering kit is made from high quality aerospace spec steel and aluminum alloys. In addition the rear wheel and gas tank do not have to be removed for installation and it is virtually invisible when installed. The Slamtail will fit all Twin Cam Powered Softails.

In short the Slamtail has impressive packaging, quality, operation and ease of installation. What more do you want from a system that makes your Softail look better and still ride like a stock bike. check them out at