Sinuous Custom Chrome Billet Motorcycle Spoke Wheels

He then removed the rear axle nut. From there the rear axle slid out easily.

Sinuous ships the company's wheel packages fully mounted and balanced with tires for quick installation. New bearings are also pre-installed.

Here is a close-up shot of the soft-lip billet Staci.

Installation was the reverse of removal, starting with the belt. Once the jack was lowered, the rear axle and factory wheel spacers were placed back into position.

With the rear caliper back in place, the axle nut was reinstalled. The jack was then raised up a bit, and the rear shocks and hardware were cinched down.

Up front, Vern removed the brake-caliper hardware from both sides.

The front axle clamp was removed, followed by the front axle nut. With the jack moved under the front portion of the frame to support the weight, the axle was slid clear and the wheel was removed.

Some modification was necessary to clear the 21-inch wheel and tire conversion. Dorin had to open up the oval mounting holes a bit, so more "up" adjustment could be done once the fender was mounted.

Vern and Tony, the owner of Sinuous, gently placed the front fender back between the fork legs.

Here is a comparison of the 21-inch Avon versus the OE 16-inch Dunlop.

Vern installed the front axle and chrome spacers and then...

...he used two washers taped together over the Avon to achieve the spacing necessary to clear the fender for tire expansion.

Here it is in all its 21-inch chrome glory: Sinuous' spoked billet wheel.

Here is the '06 FLTRI ready to cruise with some added flair-a shiny set of Sinuous wheels.

Just as in the automobile industry, wheels are the hot ticket in the motorcycle market. It seems as if every other month a new company pops up with its own line of motorcycle wheels. The wheel companies are not trying to reinvent the wheel. These businesses just know there are some very picky people out there who want a lot of options when it comes to customizing their motorcycles. With advances in technology, wheel companies are able to come up with new intricate designs and update traditional styles with modern materials and machinery. One of the latest companies to make the leap into producing motorcycle wheels is Sinuous.

Spoked wheels have always been popular with the Harley-Davidson crowd. Therefore, Sinuous came up with the idea to take the spoke wheel to the next level by creating a billet wheel with a spoke pattern. Dubbed "Staci," the triple-chromed, billet wheels are available in an assortment of sizes. The wheels cost about $3,150 for a Softail setup and around $3,400 for a Bagger setup, which includes wheels, tires, rotors, and pulley. We caught up with the Sinuous crew at Xtreme Custom Iron in Rohnert Park, CA, as they installed a set of Staci wheels on a '06 Road Glide.