Shovelheads of Born-Free

Our favorite Shovelhead choppers

silver 4th floor chopper shovester

4th Floor Choppers Shovester is a true work of art

Morgan Gales

Shovelheads, from generator to cone, are cheaper and more accessible than their older brothers but still hold plenty of vintage charm and seem to tell the world, “I don’t need an incredibly expensive motor to build an awesome bike.” And while some of these Shovels are still worth quite a pretty penny, they all go to show what hard work, craftsmanship, and good taste (mostly) can result in.

Raked, lowered, stretched, split rocker boxes, hell—4th Floor even put a Shovel top end on an Iron low end. It seems there’s no limit to how these builders can change up their Shovelheads, and we love it! Born-Free always serves as inspiration, showing thousands of examples of what you can do to your bike, or your next bike, or maybe what you should have done to the last one. There’s always so much to see, it’s a damn good thing it runs two days.

Enjoy this gallery of Shovels and stay tuned for more all week as we continue to bring you full coverage of the 10th annual Born-Free show!

bikes and barbecues

Bikes and barbecues, dudes could stare forever

Morgan Gales

chrome evo air cleaner cover

I didn't think Evos were that bad...

Morgan Gales

long low shovelhead chopper

Long and low with that wicked Harmon sprung girder

Morgan Gales

clean red shovelhead chopper

Nothing crazy, but everything on point

Morgan Gales

shiny chrome shovelhead engine

Polished and pretty Pan-shovel

Morgan Gales

sugar-bear style front end chopper

Sugar Bear-style front ends always look good

Morgan Gales

grungy shovelhead chopper

They don't all have to shine!

Morgan Gales

Orange shovelhead chopper at born free show

This Shovel won the Show Class People's Choice Award

Morgan Gales

yellow cone head shovelhead chopper

Up and out on this pale yellow Cone Shovel

Morgan Gales