Sheetmetal - Buyer's Guide

Fat Is In

Add a little Fat Bob styling to your Sportster. These raw-steel-finished rear fenders are 7 inches wide and ready for custom painting. The fenders are available predrilled for OEM fender struts or undrilled for custom applications. Both styles include a taillight/license mount.
For more information, contact your local Drag Specialties dealer, or visit

Smooth Katz

Fat Katz Inc. is proud to introduce handcrafted rear fenders to fit your ever-fattening tires. The company's fenders accommodate up to a 360mm tire and are available plain, donut, or custom-made to fit any concept you can dream up. Imagine your ideas pounded out in high-quality 13-gauge cold-rolled steel. You can request an angled fender or one with a forward ridge; anything is possible when you're dealing with Fat Katz.
For more information, contact Fat Katz at (877) 432-8528, or visit

Paughco's the Place

When it comes to building chopper parts, Paughco is second to none in experience and variety. From the largest selection of custom frames in the industry to a wide selection of nostalgic and replacement fenders, Paughco has you covered. Shown here are three updated versions of the company's traditional chopper fenders: the Flat Chopper fender, Extended front fender, and X 33. Full rear coverage is provided by the skirted fender.
For more information, contact Paughco at (775) 246-5738, or visit

Deviant Decadence

Deviant Design is proud to introduce its oval oil tanks for your next custom build. They are handcrafted from 16- and 18-gauge mild steel and are available with a center or side fill. Featured here is the oval oil tank with old-school finned side plates. Also available are Maltese cross side plates, flame side plates, or custom-engraved side plates (to the customer's specifications).
For more information, contact Deviant Design at (407) 323-3002, or visit

Carolina Strut

Carolina Custom fenders are handmade from cold-rolled, 13-gauge steel. The strut system is hidden inside the fender with no visible welds for added strength and durability to provide enough strength to support a passenger. The hidden struts also give your bike a slick, smooth look that can't be imitated. These fenders are designed to bolt on to Carolina Custom Softail and rigid frames without any modifications.
For more information, contact Carolina Custom Products at (704) 592-2355, or visit

Bob's Your Uncle

Keeping with tradition, Kustom Culture Motorcycles has taken a classic tank and split it down the center. The result is a Sportster-style tank that's set up like flat-side Fat Bob tanks. The tank is finished off with shovel-style chrome gas caps and tank bungs. Jigged for a perfect fit to KCM's Double R rigid frameset and OE Softail frames, these tanks come uncoated internally and require seal coating.
For more information, contact Kustom Culture at (650) 871-8333, or visit

Pretty Fly

Custom Works Daytona introduces its new custom front fender for Harley-Davidson V-Rod models. Made out of multilayered hand-laid composites, the fenders are available ready for paint and with a smooth surface-no bodywork needed. It's the easy way to dress up your V-Rod, and it mounts to OEM chrome brackets.
For more information, contact Custom Works Inc at (386) 257-1300, or visit

Nothing Rhymes With Wernimont

Russ Wernimont Designs has added three new styles of fuel tanks to the company's line of high-quality parts and accessories. The sizes of these new tanks range from 23 to 28 inches. The longest of the fleet is the Inlay chopper tank, which features a flat bottom and recessed mounts. The short chopper tank features the same inlaid sides as the long Inlay chopper tank but adds a curved bottom for added style and versatility to fit several applications.
Finally, the company has introduced a 5-inch stretch teardrop tank. This tank is available with standard or recessed mounts. These tanks are also available with a RWD pop-up gas cap. The smooth and sexy lines of these new tanks will add individuality to your Pro Street or chopper.
For more information, contact Russ Wernimont Designs at (951) 698-9495, or visit

Claws and Teeth

Profile Customs Cycle Designs presents its Raptor gas tanks. Made from 16-gauge steel, these tanks come with a chrome flush-mount pop-up cap. The Raptor is built with a flat bottom and also has recessed rubber-isolated mounts to prevent vibration cracks. They can be built in custom sizes for straight or curved backbone frames.
For more information, contact Profile Customs Cycle Designs at (813) 788-1114, or visit

Try It Yourself

If you've ever wanted to try your hand at custom fabrication, here's a perfect starting point. Pro-One's Build-Your-Own-Tank kits provide the perfect baseline for designing and fabricating your own custom gas tank. The kits are sold with the components shown, including side panels, bottom plates, tunnel, brackets, and even a pop-up custom cap. They are available in three styles: Frankentank, Tear Drop, and Dagger, and can be modified and altered to your personal taste and requirements.
For more information, contact Pro-One at (800) 884-4173, or visit

Take a Bite Out of Gas

Redneck Engineering's new gas and oil tanks are sure to be a hit with your new project. The lineup includes the Bad Ass, Sore Dick, Cobra, and Curves. The Cobra (shown here) is hand-fabricated with an arched top, hidden tunnel mounting system, and original curved design.
For more information, contact Redneck Engineering at (864) 843-3001, or visit


MGS Custom Bikes introduces its Liquid Steel line. Using the same creativity that goes into the company's award-winning custom motorcycles, this line gives the builder a substantial foundation to work from. Fenders, gas tanks, handlebars, seat bases, and complete kits can transform a stock Softail into a custom bike. Stock shapes and custom fabrication are available.
For more information, contact MGS Custom Bikes at (661) 951-9878, or visit

Bearly There

Big Bear Choppers (BBC) is going the extra mile to manufacture its sheetmetal to the best possible quality. As opposed to the spin technique, every piece is deep drawn, resulting in a very accurate shape with a smooth finish. The BBC fuel tank has a leak-proof flush-mount pop-up gas cap. All BBC fuel and oil tanks are pressure-tested. BBC uses 12-gauge steel for its front and rear fenders, which come with fender struts for rear fenders. Order BBC's fenders cut, welded, and ready to go, or buy a fender donut and cut it out yourself. You can also buy the company's fuel-tank halves straight from its deep-drawn machine, and cut and weld the tank yourself.
For more information, contact Big Bear Choppers at (909) 878-4340, or visit

Rigidly Cool

B'Cool Products introduces oil tanks for rigids. All tanks are produced on a CNC spinning lathe, are fully TIG-welded, and are metal-finished by hand. They are 13 inches long by 6 inches in diameter and are available in mild steel, stainless, or aluminum. All tanks come with the filler neck center- or end-mounted, 1/8-inch NPT connections, and hidden frame mounts. A pair of weld-on frame tabs complete with rubber grommets and fasteners is included with the kit. Bare tanks are also available for the do-it-yourself builder. Custom tanks are available as well.
For more information, contact B'Cool Products at (613) 925-0704, or visit

Wild Kustom

Kustomwerks is pleased to offer its new Wildcard one-piece chopper custom gas tank with square-cut end. Each tank uses a screw-in gas cap and holds approximately 4 gallons. All visible welds are finished and polished at the factory, making for a smooth, seamless appearance. Each tank also comes with a recessed rubber mounting system that reduces vibration and gives the bike a clean, flush look.
For more information, contact Kustomwerks at (800) 498-4711, or visit

Arr, Matey

Look familiar? The Pirate tank by Wyatt Gatlin is a smaller version of the Prism tank, featuring a mini design to allow for full engine view. Tanks are supplied in a raw finish and ready for mockup. Designed for universal applications, the tank measures 19-1/2 inches long and 12 inches wide by 7-1/2 inches high. The tunnel is 1 inch and runs the length of the tank.
For more information, contact Tedd Cycle at (800) 833-8946, or visit


Dave Perewitz has just made things a lot easier for custom builders with little access to metal-fabrication equipment. The Perewitz builder's dash provides the foundation for construction of a custom dash panel to fit just about any style tank. Hand-formed from mild steel, the raw dash can be shaped and massaged to fit your requirements and is supplied without any preinstalled brackets.
For more information, contact Perewitz at (508) 697-3595, or visit