Sena's 10C Camera and Comm: New Product

Integrated HD camera and communication system

The 10C combines Sena’s expertise in Bluetooth communications with their top-of-the-line high-definition camera technology into a single device. Users with the 10C can enjoy crystal-clear intercom and phone communications while having the ability to record high-definition video in the same device. The 10C features a unibody design, revolutionary Bluetooth 4.1 technology and is firmware upgradeable to ensure that it always stays current with the latest features.

Similar to Sena’s other products, the 10C features voice prompts that tell the rider the current status of the device. The 10C mounts to the left side of a helmet using Sena’s unique clamp system and the camera lens can adjust up to 30 degrees to be compatible with a wide variety of installations. The built-in camera technology records video at resolutions of 1080p at 30 frames-per-second or 720p at 60 frames-per-second. The included microphone also allows users to record their voice to their video while also enjoying four-way intercom communication up to 1.6 kilometers (1.0 mile). The 10C’s photo modes allow users to capture 3.5 megapixel photos in single, burst or time lapse modes with the simple press of a button. In addition, the headset features Advanced Noise Control, music sharing, built-in FM radio tuner, easy operation with a versatile jog dial, an external antenna. The 10C's settings can be adjusted using the Sena smartphone app available for iPhone and Android.

Another feature that sets the 10C apart from other action cameras is Sena’s Smart Audio Mix technology that allows users the ability to mix their voice and music directly to the video as its being recorded. Recording voice communications to the video gives rider’s the ability to capture the excitement of a ride as it happens providing a more realistic and compelling recording of the ride. The 10C also features a new technology called video tagging which provides users the ability to record 60 seconds of past video, the current 60 seconds of video and a future 60 seconds of video with just the press of a button ensuring that none of the action is missed on a ride.

The 10C is now available on BuySena and through retailers across North America for $349. Like all Sena products, the 10C is firmware upgradable and includes Sena’s two-year warranty. For more information about the 10C, as well as the full Sena product line, please visit