The Secret Of Excess

Bagger Concepts builds the ultimate FTM Bagger

Sometimes in life you just got to say…. F’ it. Sometimes you have to just not worry about the cost and go for (and quite possibly become) broke! Excess breeds success and in order to show the world what is possible to do on two wheels, look no further than this 2009 Road Glide from Baggers Concepts.

Alan Gregory, from Baggers Concepts, is certainly no rookie in the big-dog-bike-building game. He’s been pumping out some of the most innovative two-wheel creations for years. Alan explains. “When I invented the first speaker lid, known as Loud Lids, little did I know that it would lead to designing and building some of the sickest Baggers to ever hit the streets. When it came to build a new demo bike for the company, I went to the drawing board and came up with the bike you see here and called it FTM (F%$K the Money). I wanted to build a show stopper that would keep everyone talking, no matter if they loved or hated it!”

So with some gravel in his guts and some spit in his eye, and with no time frame or financial ceiling to hold him back, he started down the road to excess. Going big starts first and foremost with big ass wheels and (at the moment) the dirty thirty is the reserved for true players only. “After deciding to use a Metalsport 30-inch Duan Juan for the frontend, I went to work putting all the other pieces of the puzzle together. I knew I wanted the bike to flow with that big ass wheel on the front, so I needed big parts and went with Arlen Ness down and out bags and rear fender and a set of Perewitz custom LED taillights. For the tank, I went with a modified Ballistic kit and a set of custom side covers.”

With all that mass of rolling metal, you better have some serious power to push it. But Alan didn’t want to just putt-putt down the boulevard. With the same F’ it attitude there was only one way to go and that was to blow it (and more money) for some serious power. “I knew I wanted the bike to be low and mean with big ass horsepower. It needed to be a complete package, not just a decorated cake. I went to work on the perfect motor combo. I wanted it to be fast, so I went with a Screamin’ Eagle 120r blown by an ATI Procharger. Thanks to help from Walt Sipp, it took some tuning to really make that thing run.”

No sense in putting that much into the motor to stop short (literally) and not have a matching set of serious suspenders along with a loud ass system. “Once the motor combo was done it was on to the suspension. It also had to be on air, front and rear. I was really concerned with what it looked like parked, I wanted it to sit down low, but also be able to get up enough to ride, because its pointless to dump all this money into a bike if you can’t ride it! Of course the bike had to have a big audio system, so I built a custom inner fairing with six 6.5-inch speakers. The rear lids are our signature design that really started the whole speaker lid craze. To amplify all the speakers, I went with three Bagger Concepts amps to really give it the kick it needed. I wanted it to have my personal touch, so every panel was changed or modified in some way so it wouldn’t look like it came out of a box.”

At this point, if the bike were painted all black, it would still be one of the baddest bags to hit the streets. Remembering that this was a “FTM” build, there was no way it was going to stay a monochrome machine. No way. “I already had a theme in mind for the paint. It needed to be bright and some serious artwork. I got with my painter Max Maxwell and we came up with a crazy two-sided paint job with a wild-west theme. We both knew that a PPG custom mixed candy pink would keep everyone talking, no matter if they hated it or not, and it worked! I’ve heard all kinds of comments. After completion of the paint and assembly I called on my good friend Stoney at Thunderhead seats and came up with a sick hand tooled leather seat that looked like a saddle to compliment the paint theme.”

When it was time to cash in the chips and see what was leftover, Alan couldn’t be a happier guy. “Overall I was pleased with the outcome FTM. It definitely turned heads and got my work and products recognized. Thanks to everyone that helped me get this bike done you know who you are!”

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Owner Alan Gregory

Shop Bagger Concepts


Year/Make/Model 2009/Harley-Davidson/Road Glide

Fabrication Bagger Concepts

Build Time Too many hours


Year/Type/Size 120R Screamin’ Eagle/Procharged

Builder H-D

Cases Screamin’ Eagle

Cylinders Screamin’ Eagle

Heads Screamin’ Eagle

Rocker Boxes Roland Sands

Cams Screamin’ Eagle

Throttle Body Screamin’ Eagle 58mm

Air Cleaner Pro Charger

EFI Controller Screamin’ Eagle/Power Commander

Exhaust D&D Boarzilla


Year/Type ’09/six-speed

Clutch ATI/ Barnett

Primary Drive H-D


Year/Type 2009/H-D

Rake/Stretch 40 degrees/ + 3.5”

Suspension Air ride front and rear

Frontend H-D/ Bagger Concepts

Length +4

Triple Trees HHI 12s

Swingarm H-D/ Bagger Concepts/ CTC

Rear Shocks Arnott

Wheels, Tires, and Brakes


Builder/Size Metalsport Don Juan 3D / 30-inch

Tire/Size Vee Rubber / 30-inch

Calipers Performance Machine

Rotors Metalsport


Builder/Size Renegade/17x6.25”Tire/Size-200/17

Caliper Performance Machine

Pulley chain conversion


Manufacturer PPG

Colors Custom mix/Hot Pink candy

Paint/Graphics Max Maxwell

Plating/Polishing Atlas

Powdercoating Custom Coatings


Front Fender Sinister/Bagger Concepts

Rear Fender Arlen Ness/ Bagger Concepts

Gas Tank H-D Ballistic/ Bagger Concepts

Dash Balistic/ Bagger Concepts

Gauges Dakota Digital

Handlebars Custom one offs by Sinister

Grips Performance Machine

Hand Controls Performance Machine

Foot Controls Performance Machine

Floorboards Performance Machine

Taillight Perewitz LED

Turn Signals Perewitz Led

License Mount Yaffe

Seat Thunderhead seats

Stereo Kendwood

Amplifier Bagger Concepts

Speakers Hertz/ Kicker