Screamin' Eagle Dyna Fat Bob Slip-Ons

1. Here are the Screamin' Eagle Performance Slip-On Mufflers for Dyna Fat Bob models along with a new set of muffler clamps (MSRP $8.50 each). The mufflers feature a mirror chrome finish, embossed Screamin' Eagle script, and black end caps with oval cut outs.

2. The stock, staggered and slash-cut mufflers look aggressive but didn't really fit with the direction Woody had in mind for his Fat Bob.

3. In a matter of minutes, Woody had unbolted the stock mufflers from the rear mount (arrow) and the head pipes. He then slipped the new clamps over the Screamin' Eagle mufflers and slid them onto the head pipes.

4. Then he tightened down the clamps, and secured the upper and lower mufflers to the rear mount with the stock bolt.

5.&6. The new mufflers were mellow at idle but then perked up with a more hot-rod sound when Woody wrapped the throttle. It seemed to be a happy medium between the putt-putt sound of the stock mufflers with baffles and the obnoxious blast from the stock muffler without baffles. Woody also noted that he did notice that the bike had a little more snap to it off the line as compared to how it ran when he first bought it with the stock mufflers and baffles. We have a sound comparison of the stock mufflers and Screamin' Eagle mufflers on our website,

It's funny how sometimes the quickest and easiest changes to your bike can make such a difference. Take our friend Woody's, '08 Dyna Fat Bob, for example. After installing a set of Progressive Suspension's black and chrome contrast cut 430 Series shocks, Woody was really digging how the two finishes played off each other and wanted to add the treatment to some other components on his bike.

Thumbing through the Harley P&A; catalog, Woody came across the 50-state street legal, Screamin' Eagle Street Performance Slip-On Mufflers for Dyna Fat Bob models (MSRP $349.95). With black "Blunt Revolver" end caps that feature cut-outs to show off the chrome finish underneath, Woody felt the mufflers would go great with the rear springs. Plus Woody didn't like the sound from the stock mufflers so he pulled the baffles out and now his neighbors were complaining and none of his buddies wanted to ride on the right side of his bike. So a little bit quieter and mellower exhaust would be much appreciated by all.