Scramble in the Sierras for the 2017 HighPipe Motorcycle Festival

Join in and scramble at 7,500 feet on June 9-11, 2017

If you are looking for a motorcycle event to attend this summer, then register for Bonnier Motorcycle Group's HighPipe Motorcycle Festival where you can enjoy three days that are dedicated to scrambling the great trails and roads in Lakeshore, California. This event is one of the first of its kind and is dedicated to the simpler side of do-everything motorcycles and the original form of freedom on two wheels. Get away from it all and ride on June 9-11 at the China Peak Mountain Resort in Lakeshore, California.


Scramble on the scenic California roads and trails for the HighPipe Motorcycle Festival to be held in Lakeshore, California.

Photo: Ed Subias

Here's a list of the things planned for this three-day event:

  • The adventure starts with getting there—north, south, east or west—the Bonnier Motorcycle Group is laying out epic rides (or drives if you must) to get you to HighPipe Base Camp at China Peak Mountain Resort. Suggested routes can be found below. You can also download them on the HighPipe site.

  • HighPipe takes place at the end of California Highway 168, which is the start of epic back roads and cool points of interest. Local townies and mountain trolls are primed for a list of the absolute best mountain rides and will have them ready to share at the event.
  • Tame that steed. The Motorcyclist Riding Rodeo is a series of skill courses that will allow you try your bike (better yet—your buddy’s) to find out just what it can do off the tarmac.
  • Show that thang! From perfect preservations to full on customs of motorcycles new and old, everyone is welcome to join the show. Additionally, our sister brands Cycle World, Street Chopper and Cruiser magazines will be inviting some of today’s top builders to share their work and join in on a ride or two.
  • Try it! Honda and BMW will be offering demo rides throughout the HighPipe weekend! Honda will have a fleet of their super fun and highly customizable Rebel 300 and 500 models. BMW will be on hand with R nineT Scrambler models for you to try as well.
  • Check it out. Bell Helmets and others will be on hand to let you get “all up inside that” with their latest products.
  • Eat. China Peak will have several food options available throughout the day and evening.
  • Brew? Yes! When the riding is done, a generous selection of microbrews and other libations will await at the two China Peak lounges. In fact, China Peak offers three beers brewed for and exclusively available at China Peak. Try Garage Sales Pale Ale, Peak Pilsner and Sequoia Powday Day.
  • Sleep. China Peak offers private rooms of various sizes as well as extensive camping areas for both RV and tent camping. Worry not, tenters. Bathrooms and showers are available and conveniently located.
  • More epic and fun activities will be added soon. Stay tuned for more.
2017 HighPipe Motorcycle Festival

Check out some builds from some of the top builders in the industry at HighPipe.

Photo Courtesy of Bonnier Motorcycle Group

“We’re looking forward to a really fun event at the first-ever HighPipe Motorcycle Festival,” commented Corey Eastman, Director of Consumer Engagement for Bonnier Motorcycle Group “Simply because it’s all about the ride. The fun, the camaraderie and the adventure all start with swinging a leg over a bike and getting out there. And the ride is only a part of what HighPipe has to offer. We’re going to have a lot of fun at China Peak over the weekend.”

HighPipe is being made possible through the support of GEICO Motorcycle, American Honda, Bell Helmets and more. HighPipe promises to be a unique opportunity for riders. The central attraction of HighPipe remains the ride itself. Hundreds of miles of scenic rides await, where you can explore points of interest laid out around the mountain on detailed routes, accessible to both modern-day and vintage machines. HighPipe is designed to let you create your own adventure from the seat of your motorcycle.

All types of bikes and riders are welcome. Join us at the China Peak Mountain Resort where you can camp out, stay in the lodge or simply ride up for the day. For more information on HighPipe Motorcycle Festival presented by GEICO Motorcycle, visit

Ride-in and overnight space is limited. Assure your spot by registering today.