The Scavenger Total Oil Change System

1. Here is the Dyna Scavenger Kit: one puck, one return fitting, about 2 feet of hose, and a clamp.

2. The first thing we needed to do was drain the oil from the oil tank

3. Next, we removed the old filter and installed the Scavenger Puck onto the oil filter mount.

4. Then we added a quart of fresh oil to the motor, after we removed the Allen bolt from the filler neck on the transmission.

5. There is a return hole inside the port, where we installed the Scavenger fitting. Using the bolt we removed from the filler neck we bolted the fitting in place.

6. We slid the hose in the kit over the fitting and secured it with a clamp.

7. Then we started the motor and let the bike run at idle until clean oil was coming out of the Scavenger hose. It didn't take long and the oil bag never ran out of oil. We collected less then 20 ounces of old oil before it was all clean oil.

8. Then we removed the Scavenger fitting and reinstalled the filler neck. Note: check to make sure that the o-ring is in place and not damaged.

9. The Scavenger puck was removed and a new oil filter was installed. Then the oil tank was filled and we ran the bike and checked the oil.

10. After about 10 miles we re-checked the oil, it was clean. almost like new. At first you be thinking that you are wasting oil but after you see how well it works you might think a small loss is worth the cost.

The more you change your oil the better it is for the longevity of your motor. However, after you changed the oil and drain every last drop from the oil bag, not all of the dirty oil is removed from the bike. There could be up to 30 ounces of old oil sitting in the sump (lower end) of your motor. So after you changed out the oil and filter, then fill the oil bag up with clean oil and start the motor all the old dirty oil from the lower end mixes and contaminates the fresh oil before you ever hit the road. You could remove the drain plug from the case, but every time you do that you run the risk of stripping the threads when you've got an aluminum case with a steel plug. So what do you do to get all the dirty oil out and start with all new oil every time?

Rogue Chopper has come up with a way to change and flush all the old oil from the motor every time you change your oil. It is called the Scavenger total oil change system; and it's an effective way of changing out all of the oil in your engine. There are six different kits that will work for H-D style V-twin motorcycle engines. This is a good tool to have in your tool box at home if you are the kind of guy that likes to do your own services and a better setup to have if you are a shop owner to offer a complete oil change and mean it. The kits start at $59.95 for the Evo and $149.95 for Touring models. We wanted to show how easy and how well it works, so we got our hands on the Dyna kit.