Saint And Sinner

A Street Glide With Split Personalities

The male species is very animalistic. We are always looking to impress the opposite sex whether it is with money, looks, cars, or motorcycles. Like a flock of peacocks, we are always out trying to outdo, outpower and outshine the competition. All it took was some overheard comments from a female passerby for Thomas Burns to dive deep into the custom game. Thomas explains how almost overnight, he turned a stock black Street Glide into something that would never again be mistaken for ordinary.

During a Fresno, California, run, I was taken by surprise after a young woman walked by admiring all the custom cycles and mentioned to her girlfriend, “Awe, his s*%# is stock.” I laugh now, but I wondered whose bike she would be riding on the back of? Which I’m sure was her motive.

The customization of my bike started when my saddlebags were stolen. A friend of Tony Sesto, of Sesto Custom Cycles, had mentioned his creativity and that seed sparked my curiosity. I ventured over to Sesto Custom’s shop to see what all the hoopla was about. I still wanted to leave my Street Glide black, but after 30 minutes brainstorming with Tony, I noticed an airbrushed painted wheel in the shop. That inspired me to ask him, “Can you paint my bike similar to that?” The color was established and now we needed a concept. I always mingled with beautiful women — some naughty, some nice. Hence the theme was developed. Once Tony acquired that information, he took the concept of the bike and designed it to be a sexy custom that I would be able to ride on the highway anywhere and not have to be trailered.

When I arrived at the shop to pick up the bike, I was overwhelmed by the detail of the artwork. The front wheel was different than anything I had seen on the street and perfectly laid out. The sexy women all over the bike created a universal theme. The guardian angel on the tooled leather seat was the cherry on top as she watches my back and T.D.B. is the bike’s signature. Immediately after picking the bike up, I headed to Arizona with my Wolfpack brothers. Thanks to Tony for his creative insight and daring me to be different.

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Owner Thomas Burns

Shop Sesto Custom Cycles

Shop Phone (714) 924-6600

Year/Make/Model 2009/Harley-Davidson/Street Glide

Fabrication Sesto Custom Cycles

Build Time Three weeks


Year/Type/Size 2002/H-D

Builder H-D

Cases H-D

Cylinders H-D

Heads H-D

Air Cleaner Cobra

Exhaust Bassani


Year/Type H-D

Frame H-D

Year/Type 2002/H-D

Rake/Stretch N/A


Frontend H-D

Length Stock

Triple Trees-Stock H-D

Swingarm H-D

Rear Shocks Stock H-D

Wheels, Tires, and Brakes


Builder/Size Rampage “Hurricane”/21-inch

Tire/Size Avon/120-70-21

Calipers H-D

Rotors Rampage


Builder/Size Rampage “Hurricane”/18-inch

Tire/Size Avon / 180/55ZR18

Caliper H-D

Rotor Rampage

Pulley Rampage


Manufacturer House of Kolor

Colors Custom Mixed White, Chrome Yellow, Rootbeer Candy

Paint/Graphics Mitch Johnson of Sesto Custom Cycles

Plating/Polishing Andrew Ramos of True Finish


Floorboards Arlen Ness

Seat Hand-tooled leather by Juan Gonzales Nomad Leathers

Stereo Alpine

Amplifier Alpine

Speakers Alpine