Running Early Belt Drive with a Twin Cam

BDL's got the hook up

bdl twin cam belt drive conversion kit

From BDL

Courtesy of Belt Drives Limited

Belt Drives LTD. recently announced they have developed an easily installed steel insert which allows you to run a newer Twin Cam engine with your current or older belt drive system. This insert is internally broached to match the 24 spline sprocket shaft of the newer 2007 -UP Twin Cam engine. Once installed it will allow riders with an older BDL belt drive in an older style motorcycle the opportunity to upgrade the engine to a Twin Cam and still use his current primary belt drive kit. These inserts are available with offsets from zero to 2” in ¼” increments and are supplied with all new hardware to fit the new insert to your current offset front pulley. All you have to do is supply the longer 9/16"-12 bolt that holds the front pulley to the engine. Priced at $67.00 the adapter insert kits are available from BDL dealers worldwide, call direct to 714-693-1313 or find them on line at

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