Rowe Electronics, Inc. expands distribution of the PDM60

Rowe Electronics PDM60

PDM60 Power Distribution Module

Rowe expands markets to South Africa and Australia.

Rowe Electronics

Rowe Electronics, Inc. has recently expanded distribution of the PDM60 into the power sports markets in South Africa and Australia. The product was originally designed for the motorcycle market as add-on electronic gear and gadgets gained popularity with riders. It was released in the US several years ago and has recently been gaining international notice. Previously distribution was limited to the US, Canada, and the UK.

The PDM60 provides circuit protection and power distribution when connected directly to your 12 Volt battery. It divides up to 60 amps across a maximum of 6 circuits. Individual circuits can be configured in different combinations ranging from 2 to 20 amps. Additional programming options include ignition and ground triggering and time delayed activation and deactivation. The PDM60 sells for $199 and allows easy wiring to power your electronic accessories.

Rowe Electronics, Inc. is an Iowa based design and manufacturing firm and is one of the premier suppliers of remote control systems based on microprocessor technology. It is our goal to continue developing leading-edge products which stand above and beyond competitive offerings. For more information about Rowe Electronics, Inc. please visit For more information about our PDM60 please visit

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