Rotation Industries Titan DarkSide Wheels

Aftermarket wheels & more for your Harley

rotation industries custom wheel

Rotation Industries "Blue Line" bagger equipped with Titan DarkSide wheels.

Courtesy of Rotation Industries

Rotation Industries offers a vast selection of aftermarket motorcycle parts from the top names in the industry. They specialize in custom motorcycle wheels for your Harley-Davidson, sport bike, and metric cruiser. Among the company's fine selection of jewelry for your baby, you'll find their Titan DarkSide wheels. If you want to see 'em fix your eyeballs on "Blue Line," the custom bagger shown above. Rotation's 23” Titan DarkSide sits up front, while a 17” Titan DarkSide rear wheel with matching 13” front rotor shows the back side some style. Rotation also makes the matching air cleaner as seen on the bike, too.

Beyond its lines of bolt-on goodies for your bike, Rotation Industries also builds custom one-off motorcycles for the everyday rider, using quality parts from the best companies to reimagine your stock bike. If you want to know more, they have this cool thing called a website where you can go check it out.

When you're done gawking over there, come back here and look at our kick ass choppers and baggers to inspire your next creation.