Rosarito Beach Harley Run

Boarder Crossing For A Cause

There is something special when hundreds of bikers get together for a weekend of riding motorcycles, shooting the shit over a cold one, and making memories with old and new friends. Those who have ever attended any type of rally know that the gathering of like-minded individuals helps to reassure that we are not alone out there for our passion of two wheels. Some gatherings are for showing off your ride, others for checking out a destination, and some have a greater cause behind them. Martin Resendez from Rolling Deep 4 Charities has been organizing the Rosarito Beach Harley Run that raises money and toys for orphan children in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, for eight years now. Each year as the word spreads about the 150-mile run from Glendale, California, across the border to Rosarito Beach, it continues to expand and grow in popularity. In August of 2012, they had their largest attendance to date with more than 870 registered bikes and 2,400 total attendees making the trek.

Kickstands went up early Saturday morning at Glendale Harley and picked up riders at Temecula Harley with a final stop in Sweetwater Harley just a few miles on the US side of the border. Any concerns for a safe crossing were quickly squashed as 20 Mexican Federal Police escorted the line of bikers all the way to Papa’s and Beer in Rosarito Beach.

Once the bikes were parked and the dirt wiped from the faces of the riders, it was time to let loose where buckets of beer and shots were shared all around. The midday mayhem was capped off with a wet T-shirt contest where it was definitely “skin to win.” The party went on into the night until early the next morning. Once the drinks ceased to flow and the bench stories of rides past were done, the sun rose over the beach once again, and it was time for a bigger cause to be served.

The real reason behind the mayhem was to raise money and toys for local orphan children. Rolling Deep 4 Charities managed to provide 1,600 kids with toys, donated 200 bags of canned food, and 100 bags of school supplies. As the bicycles and Barbies were passed out, the smiles of the kids made the long ride and long night all seem worthwhile. There’s something about doing good on Sunday that makes Saturday’s sins not seem so bad. For more information on the run visit