Roland Sands Design Tracker Fork Brace

Brace Yourself

1. We chose the gloss black Tracker Fork Brace with the included chrome hardware.

2. The stock front fender keeps the front forks supported, but we like the look of running no front fender; hence the fork brace, which provides support but more of a minimalist look. Less is more so to speak.

3. We simply unbolted the four bolts from the front fender mounts at the forks, and removed the fender.

4. Then, the new Fork Brace was mounted with the provided chrome hardware. Lock nuts are provided but just to ensure the bolts stay in place, we used some blue threadlocking compound.

5. Here's the finished look of the Fork Brace attached to the forks. It's simple, clean, and best of all, does the trick in helping keep the front forks supported. Now it's time to ride.

There are many uses for the front fender. When the road is wet, it keeps water from spitting on you, it guards your face from small rocks and debris being shot up at your noggin (if you're not wearing a full face helmet, this could pose a serious threat), and it also supports the front forks. However, we like the look of a frontend sans the front fender. To us, it just looks a lot cleaner, but the front forks are more stable with something supporting them.

This is why the Tracker Front Fork Brace ($149.95) from Roland Sands Design was invented. It replaces the front fender on narrow glide frontends on '88-09 Sportsters and '88-05 FXR/FXD models and acts as a stabilizer for your front forks. It's laser-cut from 3/16-inch 1018 steel and claims to eliminate front fork flex. The Fork Brace is available in chrome or in a gloss black finish and it's been stamped with a brass RSD logo, and chrome hardware is included. Installation took roughly five minutes. All we used for the install was a 1/2-inch wrench and a 1/4-inch Allen key.