ROBISON's ANNUAL CUSTOMER APPRECIATION PARTY/ A Gathering of Classic Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Daytona Beach's oldest motorcycle shop knows how to party

There is no shortage of bike shows and events in Daytona Beach during Bike Week. After attending a few of these shows they tend to kind of blend together into one rolling chunk of shiny paint and chrome extravaganza.Nothing against these fine shows and events but the annual Robison's customer appreciation party is something different and harkens back to a simpler, more unadulterated time in motorcycling.

All forms of classic Harley-Davidson motorcycles show up in droves for this party. David Allan Coe would be a happy camper if he attended as his ballad "Panheads Forever" could be the theme song for this shindig. No other place in Florida will you see such a gathering of these mighty machines all in one place. Of course there are also a fair share of Knuckles, Shovels and Ironheads in attendance along with some exotica such as street going XR-750 flat track race bikes.

Robison Motorcycles is Daytona Beach's oldest motorcycle shop having been kick-started to life in 1962 by Joe Robison. Joe had previously wrenched at his brother's Harley-Davidson shop in Ohio before being offered his own H-D dealership in Daytona and setting sail with his family for the eastern Florida coast and it's balmy environment.

Robison's has remained virtually unchanged for over 50 years and taking a stroll through the shop is like going through a mini Harley museum. Everything from NOS parts,dealer literature , photos, apparel , collectibles and of course motorcycles from the last 5 decades fill the shop to the brim. Joe Robison is still in the shop daily and the knowledge and stories this gentlemen has is mind boggling and could fill volumes of novels. Joe is a man from a different time and era, a time when respect and integrity reigned king. Joe still has every bill of motorcycle sale on file and considers all customers to be family.It's these kind of traits why Robison's is still thriving today and why the customer appreciation party attracts such a great collection of motorcycles and people.

Robison's is a must stop visit for Hot Bike when we are in Daytona and we highly recommend you check it out when you are in town. If you can coincide your visit during the customer appreciation party, even better! You can thank us later with a cold one if you catch us on Main street sometime during bike week.