Road Trip

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My father-in-law recently introduced me to Jonathan, his friend and old business associate, because Jonathan was interested in buying a new Harley and wanted some pointers on what would be a good fit. After meeting Jonathan I agreed to show him the different models at his local dealership, Skip-Fordyce Harley-Davidson ( in Riverside, California.

After digging a little deeper, Jonathan told me that he and his best mate, Zach, were going on a cross-country moto-trip from Riverside to Chicago. Now a cross-country trip is always an interesting subject, but the really fascinating part of this story: neither he nor Zach had ever ridden a motorcycle prior to taking Harley’s Rider’s Edge motorcycle training course a couple months leading up to the trip.

Jonathan ended up scoring a 2008 Road King with about 12,000 miles on Craigslist. The bike was babied and it’s a great tourer. Zach on the other hand, went a different direction and bought a brand new Forty-Eight Sportster to get him from Riverside to Chicago. I applaud Zach’s cojones.

After talking with Jonathan and Zach on multiple occasions I became intrigued by this trip. So intrigued that I wanted to go. As motorcyclists, it doesn’t get much better than a good old-fashioned motorcycle trip. The longer the trip, the better the experience. Since I’m covering the Republic of Texas (ROT) Motorcycle Rally ( I decided to join them as far as Austin and then bid them adieux as they venture on. We depart June 7, and it should be an interesting ride.

Bye for now…