Rinehart Racing | GEICO Hot Bike Tour Sponsor Spotlight

Profiling 2016 HBT sponsor Rinehart Racing

rinehart racing dyna exhaust

Rinehart Racing's 2-into-1 setup as seen on a Dyna.

Courtesy of Rinehart Racing

If you read Hot Bike (or pretty much any other custom bike mag, for that matter), you've at least heard of exhaust powerhouse Rinehart Racing. Innovations in performance exhaust, including proprietary anti­reversion technology, advancements in baffle configuration, and their continued enhancements in stepped header design make Rinehart Racing® performance exhausts cutting­ edge and the undisputed leader in the aftermarket performance exhaust industry. The intricacies of polishing and chroming create the sleek beauty that catches the eye from a distance, and make motorcycles with Rinehart Racing exhaust stand out; but behind the chrome lies an American-­made product exuding skilled craftsmanship throughout the entire fabrication process. Most importantly, meticulous engineering from Rinehart's championship­ winning designs make Rinehart Racing the world’s premier source for performance and power.

Rinehart's roots are buried deep in the bedrock of competitive motorsports. Championship NASCAR Teams, including Richard Childress Racing, Dale Earnhardt Incorporated, and Roush Racing have relied on the superior design and performance synonymous with the Rinehart name to win championships. Rinehart Racing has been associated with Sprint Cup championships, consecutive Nationwide Series championships and Indy Car championships. Over the years, we have honed our craft and become known as the superior designer of exhaust systems in the world.

Why they sponsored the HBTour: "We're sponsoring the Tour because it's in our hometown and the GEICo Hot Bike Tour is one of a kind. It's great exposure for us.

What's new and exciting: Our 2016 New Exhaust Line

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