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We get mega-info on the latest and greatest riding gear sent to us by manufacturers. "Riding Essentials" gives us the opportunity to take a few pages to show you the goods and tell you what we think. Since this issue comes out right before Sturgis, we're featuring travel bags from various companies. Seeing that many of you are preparing to roll on the long haul, you'd better be able to stow items well.
Here are a variety of travel bags from various companies to help suit your needs on long trips, or perhaps on some overnighters. Makes you want to pack up, jump on your bike, and run away for a while, huh?


Iron Rider Motorcycle Luggage System (MLS)
Contact: (800) 558-7755, or www.dowco-inc.com
This system of five bags allows each one to be used separately or combined with other pieces for unlimited storage options. Featured here are the overnight bag (MLS-OB, product No. 50126-00; MSRP: $69.95) and the main bag (MLS-MB, product No. 50125-00; MSRP: $109.95)-the largest bag from the Iron Rider MLS. They feature rigid construction that allows for stacking of other MLS bags, along with durable ABS construction to ensure bag shape.

  • Removable plastic-molded handle and shoulder strap
  • Side storage, pockets, compartments, and zippers
  • Riveted stress points ensure durability
  • Diamond-plate bottom design for a rugged look and protection
  • Made from durable 1,680 polyester Main Bag
  • 23x11.5x11.5; 1.75 cubic feet Overnight Bag
  • 14x 9x10.5; 0.75 cubic feet
  • Combine these two bags for 2.5 cubic feet of storage

Saddlemen Desperado Saddlebags

  • Four large internal elastic mesh pockets for maps and more
  • Hat-box lid provides weather-resistant storage
  • Great storage for overnight trips
  • Quick-release detachable bags disconnect from bike in seconds * Universal-mount system
  • Carry handles


Contact: (310) 638-1222, or www.saddlemen.com
There's a Fast Back bag to fit you and your bike, with three sizes to choose from: small, medium, and large. Featured here is the large, with dimensions of 13x20x16. The Desperado saddlebags give you more storage options to match your other Saddlemen products. Choose from either straight or slant-style saddlebags in three different sizes: medium, large, and jumbo.

  • Angle design makes a great backrest
  • Shoulder straps and top carrying handle
  • Weather-resistant design and materials* Designed with chrome studs, leather strap, and buckles
  • Rigid construction maintains bag shape
  • Locking roller buckles
  • Sissy-bar dual mounting system: fits on back seat, can be used as rider backrest
  • Also fits behind sissy bar and on luggage rack

  • Clips to mount Saddlemen Roll Bag (optional)

  • Two full side zippered entries
  • Doors have zippered pouches inside and out
  • Removable and adjustable internal shelf
  • Plenty of space to stuff items in (or a feature editor!? Don't ask)


Contact: (866) 277-9598, or www.kuryakyn.com
Loaded with features that make packing more convenient and practical than ever before, the Full Dresser bag (product No. 4140; MSRP: $199.99) provides top-quality strength and protection from the elements. Need extra storage room? The Grantraveler Bag (product No. 4149; MSRP: $189.99) fits on the luggage rack or top of the passenger seat and is compatible with most types of backrests and sissy bars.

  • 11x1018 with top compressed; 25-inches tall w/top expanded
  • Wrap-around extra-heavy-duty zipperallows access to items in the top or bottom of the bag
  • Wheels and a handle for easy mobility
  • A great carry-on bag when traveling by air
  • Two over-the-top adjustable straps let you tie bedrolls, tents, or jackets above the top compartment
  • Multiple D-rings provide anchor points for bungee cords to secure items
  • BAGTEC-designed and Kuryakyn-built

  • No-fuss mobility with ball-bearing roller blade-type wheels

  • Optional new Saddle Roll
  • Lace top net straps under loops on Saddle Roll
  • 20x16-1/2x 9-1/2(w/o Saddle Roll)
  • Built with 1,680-denier nylon

The Super SAC
Contact: (877) 746-9722, or www.coolsac.com
The new Multi-Fit Super SAC has the largest capacity of all the company's touring bags. With four separate external pockets for extra storage and a SAC net and D-rings to attach additional luggage, the Super SAC is a versatile bag for those serious about touring. Available in nylon for $179.95 and leather for $389.95

  • Luggage is water-resistant
  • Fully insulated to keep its shape
  • Leather carrying handle
  • 24x14x14
  • Velcro-lined storm flaps over all zippers to protect valuables from elements
  • Multiple backrest mounting options
  • External pockets for items with space to spare
  • See, put two helmets in me
  • Plus, lots of pockets and zippered compartments to store valuables. What are you waiting for? Pack up and go somewhere!

Route 66 With Optional Saddle Roll
Contact: (800) 957-6288, or www.tbags.com
Keep on rollin', whether on or off your bike, with T-Bags' new Route 66 motorcycle luggage-the company's largest-capacity roller bag. Featuring mucho capacity for items through either a top opening or full side opening, it fits snugly over the passenger backrest and ties to the bike with four web straps that eliminate load shifting. If you need additional packing room, you can use the Saddle Roll (sold separately) as a top roll for your Route 66 T-Bag.

Route 66 Available with Net (no top roll): product No. TBU47; MSRP: $278.95. Route 66 Net: product No. TB3000TN66; MSRP: $30.95
* Insulated with high-density closed-cell foam
* Internal organizer
* Rigid bottom maintains shape when empty

Optional New Saddle Roll
* Side zippered pockets for small items
* Great storage for an overnighter
* Straps to eliminate load shifting