Ride Atlas Second Edition - Motorcycle Book

Riders Asked, Rand Mcnally And Harley-Davidson Answered

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Vehicles get you from point A to B, but motorcycles take you from a departing point to a destination with a journey in between. Sure, some days you just want to jump on your bike and get lost, but other times you're just going back and forth to work. However, what about those days you want to be Joe or Jane Explorer, but you're unsure where the treasure roads are buried within this vast country and beyond? Do you open a map and throw a dart, or sift through Internet blogs and chat rooms for the answers? Well, those are some options, or you could make things easier on yourself and save time by picking up and traveling with Harley-Davidson Ride Atlas of North America (MSRP $34.95) by Rand McNally & Company. The photo before you is the cover, and once you start reading it, you might feel a sick day coming on so you can jump on your bike and explore these rides.

The Ride Atlas Second Edition 336-page book features 29 new and exciting rides and a 16-page ride log to record your journeys, memories, and people you've met along the way. Feedback from last year's release of the Ride Atlas came from more than 300 riders-and maybe you-and it helped the development of this year's release-more curves, more winding roads, and more routes. The Ride Atlas is also sturdier with a redesigned water-resistant cover, magnetic closure, and more durable pages.

The Ride Atlas is broken down into two types of rides. First, there are 25 featured rides with in-depth inset maps highlighting the route, including historic sites, long-term road construction, and locations of Harley-Davidson dealerships, as well as a detailed description of the ride. For example, riders traveling in the West can read about the Utah run considered "a Harley rider's dream," which winds past 3,000-foot sandstone cliffs of Zion National Park. Canadian riders can experience the thrilling roller-coaster ride known as the Cape Breton Loop in Nova Scotia (shown here). This Atlas also includes four legendary and adventurous rides. First, motorcyclists can brave (safely) the tight turns of "The Tail of the Dragon" as it whips between Deals Gap, NC, and Tabcat Bridge, TN. Riders out in Nevada can challenge themselves on the 256-mile stretch called the "Loneliest Road in America" (now that's just sad).

From detailed rides offering tips on the best season to experience the rides to gasoline availability, mileage and driving times for each route, camping info, and side trip adventurers along the way, the Ride Atlas is loaded with information motorcyclists need to know before they hit the road. Find the treasure routes to ride with the Ride Atlas available at Harley-Davidson dealerships, select bookstores, automobile stores, military outlets, and www.randmcnally.com, or by calling Rand McNally at (800) 333-0136.