Rekluse Clutch Sponsors Hot Bike Tour

H-D centrifugal clutch maker steps up

Each year, Hot Bike, Street Chopper, and Baggers bring you, our readers, The GEICO Motorcycle Hot Bike Tour. Some of the greatest builders from all over will show off the killer bikes they've conjured up just for this yearly must-do event. Also joining you (and us) for our 3-day invasion of Johnson, Tennessee are our sponsors, representing some of the coolest parts and accessories across the gamut of aftermarket goodies. Rekluse Clutch is one of those sponsors and they've got a couple of cool Harley-Davidson clutch options for you. One of which is a centrifugal unit...

harley centrifugal clutch

Rekluse EXP (Centrifugal Clutch)

Courtesy of Rekluse Clutch

"These innovative clutches feature centrifugally driven anti-stall technology, which makes them unlike anything else available in the market," Rekluse says. In addition to preventing engine stalls related to clutching issues, Rekluse tells their auto clutches provide the ability to take off and stop in gear without using the clutch lever. They also enhance your riding experience by making it more fun and less demanding while extending the life of your clutch pack. The company also says that with this clutch pack replacement, you can now come to a complete stop in gear and accelerate using only throttle. Manual clutch lever functionality is still retained.

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Centrifugally activated technology automatically prevents engine stalls

  • TorqDrive clutch pack delivers higher torque capacity and faster power transfer (Twin Cam models only)

  • Cooler operating temperatures extend clutch pack life

  • Ability to take off and stop in gear without using clutch lever

  • Clutch lever functionality remains available for use

  • Shifting transmission remains unchanged (clutch lever use is recommended for shifting)

  • Installation equivalent to changing out a clutch pack

See it at work here.

harley performance clutch

TorqDrive (Manual Clutch)

Courtesy of Rekluse Clutch

The TorqDrive works like, well, a traditional manual clutch. Only not. Rekluse's TorqDrive has been optimized to reduce clutch fade, allow for more precise lever feel, offer greater torque capacity, and live longer than your standard clutch pack. Rekluse says that the unit's clutch plate technology allows them to put more plates into the clutch pack, which means you get more torque transferred to the rear wheel. This increase in plates allows for a smooth, easy lever pull and provides a significant boost in overall durability.

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Proprietary TorqDrive technology dramatically increases torque capacity for improved power transfer to the pavement

  • Increased torque capacity handles the demands of high performance motors and HP modification

  • Improved oil flow and advanced drive plate engineering lower operating temperatures and increase clutch life

  • Optional clutch hold down pressure ring provides choice of stock or lighter than stock pull

If you want to know more about Rekluse Clutch and look into one of these for your Harley-Davidson, check them out online.