Rekluse auto-clutch upgrade

Wait a minute. Did you read the headline correctly? Is there really a system available to convert your Harley-Davidson over to an automatic? Well, sorta. While it’s not like you’re going to put the shifter into “D” and take off, what the Rekluse system does allow you to do is come to a complete stop in gear or take off without engaging the clutch lever. What’s nice is if you want to still use the clutch lever like normal, simply just pull it like always. You might ask why you would want a clutch that doesn’t require the lever. Where the Rekluse auto clutch becomes useful is in situations like slow-speed riding, such as at rallies and parking lots, or, like our bike owner, low arm strength from a previous injury. Installation is almost identical to a regular clutch with the exception of a few additional items. If you can change a clutch, you can upgrade it to Rekluse auto system. Make sure and check out for a complete installation video along with demonstration video.