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harley panhead

Reader's Rides

Sam Henderson's Panhead.

Sam Henderson

Seeing our reader's rides is one of the funner parts of this job. Each print issue we get to bring you not only a gamut of custom iron from the professionals, but also a fair selection of scoots submitted to us by you guys. From mild to wild or weird to feared, the motorcycles our readers create are just as varied as the stories behind them. Here are three we ran in print awhile back in case you missed 'em.

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harley panhead

Sam the Pan Man

This is the first ground-up custom I’ve built. I call it the Panhandler. It’s a 93-inch S&S Panhead motor that pushes a five-speed shifted with a stick. The bars are Clean by Design. It also uses an auto clutch, so you can stop in any gear. Your right foot operates a pair of four-piston calipers each with its own adjustable master cylinder. The frame is a Kraft Tech 34-degree with another 3 degrees built into the tree to keep the trail in line. It handles good! Finally, my wife and I braided the rear strut with three 10-foot sections of red-hot steel rod.

Sam Henderson

harley dyna street bob

Bright-Ass Street Bob

I finally finished my 2012 Dyna Street Bob. It has hand-painted checkers (not decals), Hog Pro wheels, lots of powdercoating, side covers, and 21-inch front and 19-inch rear tires both with whitewalls. The color is House of Kolor fluorescent orange that is hard to capture in the photos. There is also red pinstriping along the checkered stripes. I think it’s pretty unique yet still all Harley.

Brian Gluck

harley rocker

Rock Out

I bought my Harley-Davidson Rocker new in 2009. Over the course of five years I slowly transformed it into the looker it is today. I eliminated the passenger seat and pegs for a sleeker look. I chopped the rear fender down to give the rear 240 tire more exposure. I raked the front 14 degrees and added a 26-inch wheel and chrome fender that just makes the bike pop! I chrome plated all the stock components like the oil reservoir and footpegs. This bike took first place in last year’s local Harley bike show, and I ride my Rocker every day. I have seen a lot of Rockers but none as unique as this one. It was not a popular model from Harley, but I recognized its natural chopper potential from the minute I laid eyes on it.

Dirty Mike