Readers' Motorcycle Submissions

Readers' Showcase

Attention Hot Bike Readers! We would like to start by asking you, the reader, to help us with your ride submissions. There is no shortage of Readers' Rides coming across the editor's desks; however, only about 1/4 of them can be used. The reason: bad photos, little or no info about the bike, and even worse, no contact info to get better photos or the needed bike specs. So before you put a stamp on that envelope or send out that e-mail, make sure that you have filled out the basics: Your name, phone number and/or e-mail, where you're from. Then fill out a spec sheet-all you need to do is copy the info from the magazine: Motor, trans, frame, wheels, and so on. Last, a brief history about you and your bike. Now that you know exactly what we're looking for, we can't wait to see what you're going to send in. Thanks!

The Flawless Bike

Jeff Goldman from Waterford, Michigan, has spent the last five years trying to make his '03 Deuce the most flawless bike out there (at least to him). It all started with PM calipers and rotors then a 240mm Phat Tire kit with Trinity wheels. He swapped out the stock exhaust with pipes from Paul Yaffe and added a Wimmer breather stage one kit and a custom seat from Corbin designed for his butt. The list goes on and Jeff tells us that he is far from done; every time he sees a bike with a part he likes, he gets it.

The Couch

Robbie Evans is from the town of Bentonville, Arkansas, and is on his third bike. His first bike, a Sportster 883, was his love at an early age but as soon as he could save up the money for a bigger bike he did. Robbie wanted a bigger bike for the comfort so he jumped ship and purchased an Electra Glide Standard, he called it "the couch." Robbie racked up a boatload of miles and was happy with the bike but when he saw the '08 Road Glide he traded in the one Glide for another. Robbie still calls his ride the "Couch" but added the Screamin' Eagle 103ci kit so it would at least be a fast couch.

Cold Slab Of Concrete

Paul Pini built this '06 custom Softail in his home garage in North Haven, Connecticut, with no lifts or any other special tools. He tells us that if he could not make the tool himself he borrowed what he needed from a friend who worked at a body shop. For four years the cold slab of concrete was Paul's workplace as he built what he called a once-in-a-lifetime bike. Paul wanted to be able to say he built the whole bike so even the S&S; motor was shipped out in parts so that Paul could put the 124ci motor together on his own.

Winter Project

Steve Reed Sr. lives in Grand Junction, Colorado, where the winters can be very cold without a lot of riding time. So like most guys dealing with this weather dilemma Steve spent last winter customizing his '97 XL 1200. He loves his Sportster so much that he didn't want to replace it with a big V-twin; instead he just wanted the look. So Steve hunted down a frontend and a set of wheels off a '98 Fat Boy. Then he spent some time fitting a set of 4.5-gallon Fat Bob gas tanks to the frame. Then a heavy coating of Hot-Rod red paint was sprayed over the sheetmetal as everything and anything that could get chromed was chromed. As the groundhog was popping his head out to see if winter was over, so did Steve. With some snow still on the road Steve was done and out riding.

Shop Starter

Aaron Jenkins owns a small shop in Hanford, California and is trying his hand at custom bike building. One of the first bikes he and his buddy Shannon Lewis built is this blue CFL hardtail. It all started when Aaron wanted to build a bike for himself but as soon as the bike was done some guy came into the shop and bought it. He didn't want to let it go, so he had to build another one for his customer. Before he knew it, the idea for Jenkins Customs was born.

Blue Plate

Strat-Cat Willie is a New York City guitar playing blues man in a band called Blues Plate Special. When he's not out playing the blues, Willie spends all his off time riding his custom built '93 Fat Boy. Willie had custom wheels, rotors and a pulley cut to match his guitar. Then he had the pegs, shift linkage, and the mirrors cut the same, followed by a custom paint job that Willie feels expresses the way he feels: "Blue."

Look At My
Night Train

Arian Hidalgo from Miami, Florida, wanted to show us how his '07 Night Train turned out after seeing what we did to black out our long term Night Train here at HOT BIKE. Arian started with gloss black paint for the sheetmetal then pulled the headlight, trees and lower leg and hand controls and had them powder coated black. Then Arian swapped out the stock pipes, seat, and added all the H-D blackout parts then bolted on an RSD air cleaner. For the last pieces Arian called Sam at Ride Wright for a set black Fat Daddy wheels with chrome rims. Good job. This will get more guys to think about fixing up what they already have.

All Me

Criss Guinn of Seneca, South Carolina, bought a stock '01 Fat Boy to fix up and customize. After riding sport bikes for years he wanted a bike with some soul; something he could call "All Me." It started out as a stock bike, however, a 95ci big bore kit, BDL open primary, Detonator Wheels with yellow lettered tires, chromed frontend, WCC Maltese cross Velocity stack, and Vance & Hines Pro Pipe, were added. As soon as the bike was done Criss rode the bike to all his favorite hangouts and everyone told him his bike fits him to the T.

Good Trade

Mike Hughes of Eureka, Missouri, wanted a bike so bad he asked his wife to sell her old Jaguar XJ8 so he could buy an old '97 H-D Fat Boy. At first she was not so happy about how the money was spent, but Mike told her that with a little time and the left over money, this would be the coolest looking bike ever. She hung in there as Mike took the bike down to the frame and rebuilt it from the ground up. In the end she was glad she did it and could now see the investment paying off.