Readers' Motorcycle Submissions

Attention Hot Bike Readers! We would like to start by asking you, the reader, to help us with your ride submissions. There is no shortage of Readers' Rides coming across the editor's desks; however, only about 1/4 of them can be used. The reason: bad photos, little or no info about the bike, and even worse, no contact info to get better photos or the needed bike specs. So before you put a stamp on that envelope or send out that e-mail, make sure that you have filled out the basics: Your name, phone number and/or e-mail, where you're from. Then fill out a spec sheet-all you need to do is copy the info from the magazine: Motor, tran, frame, wheels, and so on. Last, a brief history about you and your bike. Now that you know exactly what we're looking for, we can't wait to see what you're going to send in. Thanks!

Silver Bullet
Jeff Trammel from Cincinnati, Ohio, has always loved a variety of bikes. Jeff bought his Road Glide in 2007 and then spent two years customizing it. Jeff charges around town flying like a silver bullet blowing every motorcycle off the street. Angry stares from all sides of the road at the silver Glide don't bring down Jeff's spirits for he knows his prized motorcycle only makes others envy him.

Bopper's Bob
Steve "Bopper" Bopp from Ruyadh, Saudi Arabia gets off from riding his Street Bob all around the sandy roads of Saudi Arabi. Some people think Steve is weird for wanting to "ruin" his Street Bob by customizing it, but he just laughs in their faces. Steve knows that owning a Harley is all about making the bike "yours" which is exactly what Bopper did.

Beginner's Luck
Christopher Pitts from Jackson, Kentucky, had a dream to build a bike that would stand out and be original among the others. His creation took a year to build in his garage just by the work of his own hands. The good news is, for it being the first bike he's ever built, it's a hell of a bike.

Rebel Yell
James Booher from Trenton, Tennessee, spent his childhood in love with his first crush: motorcycles. When James was in his teens, his first bike was a Harley. Once he laid eyes on her, he was addicted. Over the years, James bought many Harleys and sold them but never got the look that complimented his taste. The bike seen here is James' dream come true. Hell Bent Custom Cycles created a chopper that's both edgy and rebellious. The build took a little less than three months and is perfect in James' eyes. Bravo James, it's money well spent.

Dream Team
Marc Horsman from Billings, Montana, has always been a motorcycle fanatic. His first motorcycle was given to him by his father on his sixth birthday with the challenge of, if he could start it, then he could ride it. He passed the test and has never looked back. Three years ago, Marc decided to move on to the next step and pursue his dream of building custom motorcycles. After encouragement from his wife, Sarah, he put his words into action and began sketching ideas. When that was done he ordered and made parts himself, with the help of Sarah to make sure that quality and creativity were the focus rather than spending large amounts of money. As first time builders, their efforts were well worth the time.

Keep Hope Alive
After being shot in the line of duty, Deputy Sheriff Richard Lofis from Reidsville, North Carolina, was saddened by the idea that he may not see the day when he could own the custom bike of his dreams. Fortunately, when Richard exited the hospital, he was filled with joy when his father-in-law, David, promised that he would help him create the custom bike he had always wanted. Three years after the accident, this bike here is Richard's dream come true.