Radiantz Leverz turn signals

For `96 & later Harley-Davidsons

led lever turn signals

Leverz sit under the lever for a cleaner look.

Courtesy of Radiantz

The new Radiantz Leverz turns are our new stealth turn signal. These new lights are an easy to install direct replacement of the bulky stock bullet style turns mounted to the handlebars. 18 dual color LEDs on the right and left side for a total of 36 LED between the two housing. 18 White LEDs that work as a running lights and when the turn signal is turned on all 18 LED switch to amber and will just flash the amber as turn signals and then return to the white running lights. These will fit all Harley-Davidson models from 1996 to the present (except bikes with a hydraulic clutch). Lifetime warranty. Made in the USA.