BikeMaster’s New Line of “Must Haves For The Do-It-Yourself Mechanic”

5 Liter Oil Dispenser $13.95

8 Liter Drain Pan $15.95

Wildgrip $4.95

Waffle Grip $4.95

ProMax $14.95


BikeMaster Oil Dispenser & Drain Pan
A great way to save some serious cash is to do your own oil changes. These oil dispenser & drain pans make the job easy to do and easy to dispense the used oil into another container.

BikeMaster Gripmaster Mechanic’s Gloves
This series of gloves covers everything from cleaning, assembly, chemical through tire changing and knuckle busting. They meet industry standards, at a price everyone can afford.

BikeMaster Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight
Ever drop a bolt in a tight space? These super bright L.E.D flashlights that come with a 20” telescoping magnetic head and a flexible tip to see and reach the hardest places. The light beam is tightly focused to be right at the magnet point. The flashlight is available in 3 beautiful corrosion resistant anodized finishes, with billet aluminum construction and rubber seals.

BikeMaster Heavy-Duty Cable Ties
Like duct tape, every mechanic needs a good set of cable ties. These strong, premium plastic ties have wide, accurate teeth for more bite than standard ties. A must have for any home work shop! Available in 10 piece or 100 piece packs.

Prices range from $1.95-$4.95 depending on size and quantity.