Pimp Stixxx Detailing Kit - Get Clean

Pimp Stixxx It Where The Sun Don't Shine

1. The Pimp Stixxx detailing kit utilizes two straight and two angled handles, seven leaning heads, one Pimp Rag (shown right), the Pimp Bag, and an optional microfiber cloth (top, for general cleaning and degreasing). Also included in the kit and shown here as attached to the handles are two connectors and two end caps.

2. The handles are made of tempered aluminum and coated with chemical-resistant vinyl. The cleaning heads are made from selflubricating, nonmarking, highdensity plastic and are chemicalresistant. First we started with the 12-inch straight handle attached to the 6-inch, 90-degree handle, and then screwed the ball head cleaner tip onto clean our desired dirty area.

3. With the Pimp Rag wrapped around the 1-inch chisel cleaner tip, we used one hand to hold the tool and the other hand to hold the rag and cleaned the hard-to-reach area between the top of the motor and the bottom of the fuel tank.

4. Here we switched to the 1/2-inch chisel cleaner head screwed onto the 12-inch straight handle and cleaned between the tight fins of the motor. With the additional purchase of the company's Luster Lace cloth, you could wrap the non-abrasive cloth around the tip to polish between the fins of high-end polished motors or transmissions.

5. Next we switched to the 3/4-inch paddle cleaner head attached to the 6-inch straight handle with a butt-end cap attached to the other end of the handle to prevent scratching the pipes. This area was a great spot to use the microfiber cloth (not included) for wiping down the chrome parts.

6. The 4-1/4-inch head cleaner tip came in useful for cleaning the tight area between the front fender and fork legs. This cleaner tip is a flexible, universal piece that's a great all-around tool for all the hard-to-reach areas on your bike.

7. Parts and accessories are going to vary from bike to bike, so it's up to you how to make the detailing system work best for your bike cleaning and detailing days. There's almost no end to what you can do, from cleaning your brakes to in between spokes or any variety of wheels, as shown here. Lay your pimp hand down and make Pimp Stixxx work for you.

A dirty bike might be cool to show off that it's been ridden, but when it gets to the point you can dirt-write 'wash me' on the fender, you need to clean your ride. Washcloths and such only go so far, until you hit those hard-to-reach places where your hands and ordinary tools don't fit. You could avoid tearing up your knuckles or MacGyver-ing your screwdriver to clean your bike with the Pimp Stixxx (patent pending) detailing component system.

With Pimp Stixxx (MSRP $27.99), you're pimping your bike to a shine with a detailing kit composed of several straight and angled vinyl-coated component handles and various non-marking cleaning heads to help clean tight areas on a motorcycle, from the motor to in between spoke wheels. According to the company, "Pimp Stixxx are safe to use on chrome, billet aluminum, powdercoating, and painted surfaces, provided they are used as directed." Speaking of use, there are plenty of things you can do with the product to make it work for you on your specific model. Follow along as we show how Pimp Stixxx works and its benefits to you for a shiny, detailed ride.