Pickard USA Swingarm Air Tank for Baggers

Hop up so you can pop up

This new swingarm air tank for Harley-Davidson is also available with the Pickard USA front and rear air ride suspension kits. This new air tank is “built into the swingarm,” which is the most efficient and clean setup for custom baggers running an instant air ride system. And by “built into the swingarm” this means the swingarm is transformed into an air tank. This is done by welding the holes shut and installing the air fittings needed for custom air ride suspension. It comes with two 1/8-inch NPT fittings for the pressure switch and air line. The bagger swingarm tank comes with bushings pressed in, pressure switch, solenoid, air fitting, and a fresh powdercoat finish. The vessel is tested to 180 psi.
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