Pickard USA New 2011 "Thriller" Wheel

Pickard USA New 2011 "Thriller" Wheel - Hot Bike Magazine

Pickard USA introduces the "Thriller" wheel to their 2011 wheel collection. This wheel features 12 3D surfaced directional spokes that join seamlessly towards the hub. The "Thriller" was designed to add movement and direction to your bike, even when sitting still. Each spoke features Pickard's signature 3D surfacing technology, which throws off an abundance of light. Step out of the outdated 2D styles and put a set of Pickard Wheels on your bike! We offer sizes ranging from 16-30 inches for all 2000 and up Harley models. All our wheels are designed to use your stock wheel spacers, so installation is a breeze.

Call us today for more information: 972-231-1298 or visit www.pickardusa.com