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Fat baggers inc. Narrow fender **
Looking for that "narrow, but wide" look for your dresser? And by dresser we mean bagger. And by bagger we mean touring bike. You get the picture. We know that narrow but wide description has somewhat of an oxymoronic connotation. However, this fender provides the aesthetics that a lot of you dresser owners are looking to achieve, and it comes in a primed but finished look so you can dress it up with any paint scheme imaginable.
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Todd's Cycle Hole Shot Grips
$120-$135Once you ride home from your local Harley dealer after purchasing the bike of your dreams, the first thing you think of when you pull into the garage is what you can do to spruce it up and make it your own. Start out with a set of these high-grade aluminum grips from Todd's Cycle. Sure, your stock grips do the trick, but why not pull back on the throttle in style with a set of these polished or black anodized grips?
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Perma Chrome Customizer
$199.86The Perma Chrome Customizer has to be one of the easiest ways to achieve some extra bling. It fits directly over your original aluminum covers so you don't even have to worry about removing the original parts. This three-piece set fits '91-'03 Sporty models, but don't fret if you own a '04 and up XL-you're covered as well.
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Baker Function Formed Primary
$1,995-$2,145The fabulous Baker boys have designed a Function Formed Primary-a billet aluminum wet drive that will get your stock '07 Softail cruising with ease. With an external primary chain adjustment, one-piece starter jackshaft, and stainless steel fasteners, the new FFP is available in three finishes: black anodized, polished, or raw.
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Wire-Plus Speedometer
$498.50This brilliantly lit digital speedo gauge makes reading more fun. When you're reading (enter excessive amount of speed here) mph, it's even more fun. But don't worry, folks; if circular shapes aren't your bag, these instrument panels are also available in a rectangular shape. Happy times!
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Paughco Chopper Wheels Starting at$278.95Forty spokes or 80 spokes, you decide. Paughco has expanded their line of Chopper Wheels with these two new models complete with chrome laces to match the chrome steel hub and rim. They fit most Harley applications and each set comes with pre-set bearings ready for you to install. Choose from 16x3-inch and 21x2.5-inch for the front, and 16x5.5-inch and 18x5.5-inch for the rear.
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Spadafora ChoppersShift Linkage
$150Now you can stop complaining to your buddies about how miserable your life has been because you've been forced to shift gears with your stock shift linkage. Thanks to Spadafora Choppers, you can now shift the "cool way" because this shifter linkage is hand twisted from wrought iron, then chrome-plated to add some flashiness to your '86-'07 FLT/Softail models.
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**(781) 324-1912

Lick's cycles Super shorties
$229A lowrider is a little flyer! Lick's Cycles' Super Shorties will drop your Sporty to a seat height of 24 inches. Measuring in at only 10 inches eye-to-eye, these shocks are a direct bolt-on replacement to your measly stocks, and are available in either chrome or black powdercoat. If it's not a Sporty you seek to lower but an FLT, FLH, FXR, or even a V-Rod, Lick's Super Shorties have you covered as well.
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Softbrake SanitaryTombstone Housing
** $70We all love Tombstone taillights, but the cumbersome fixed license plate brackets can be somewhat annoying. That is why Softbrake has designed a Tombstone Taillight Housing to eliminate the extra baggage while maintaining the classic Tombstone sleekness. The housing is a direct bolt-on assembly that utilizes the original hardware to fit Heritage Springer and Deluxe models from '97 to present.
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