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New Contour Collection Wheel Design

harley performance machine wheel

Here's the full Galaxy lineup.

Courtesy of Performance Machine

Performance Machine has launched the new Galaxy wheel design, just in time for the holidays. Here's what they had to say about it:

Departing from a traditional mindset of design, we took a classic, elegant spoke design and spun it out of this world. We pushed the boundaries of our manufacturing capabilities to create a complex yet refined timeless design. The perfectly balanced amount of contrast and detail creates a unique depth and illusion. From a distance the wheel gives the appearance of simplicity, but as you are drawn in closer the intricacy of the wheel is revealed.

harley performance machine wheel

Up close and personal on the intricate details.

Courtesy of Performance Machine

In accordance with our name, performance has not been forgotten. Although the wheel is cut from our beefy Contour Collection series blanks, we have made efforts to trim the fat yet stay big on style with carefully intertwined thin spokes and a full round deep rim-lip cut - taking out weight where it counts the most for performance. This wheel is about studying our past and using it to fuel our future to create a wheel that will stand the test of time.

  • CNC-Machined from our beefy Contour Collection forged blanks

  • Available in Chrome, Contrast Cut, Contrast Cut Platinum and Color Shop finishes

  • Tested in-house to JASO and TUV standards

  • Matching Discs, Pulley and Super Gas Faceplate

  • Unique design with creative machining

harley performance machine wheel

Like its namesake, the Galaxy is intricate and cool to look at.

Courtesy of Performance Machine


We know we have the best wheels in the market. But do you want the best of the best? Well here you go, it's called the Contour Collection. This unique, high-end collection of wheels includes now six designs. Take a good look at the design and you'll notice there's a whole new dimension in these billet beauties. It starts with a re-engineering of the forged blank by adding material from the hub to the rim-lip area. This provides the means for a deeper machine cut - therefore adding the most custom and inspiring motorcycle wheel design in the world. Wouldn't you agree?! Get the full story on the Galaxy and all of PM's other fine products here.

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