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Peace of Mind l Lockstraps Locking Tie Downs - Hot Bike Magazine

Just about the only thing worse than having to load your motorcycle into the back of a truck or onto a trailer, is that unsettling feeling you get when you have to leave the bike unattended for an extended time. You get that gnawing feeling in your gut that your bike is out there alone, just waiting for someone to scoop her up. Of course there are chains and locks that can help keep your bike secure, but what if you could incorporate a lock and tie-down into one? That’s exactly what the guys at Lockstraps thought and so they created a lockable tie down.

I got my hands on some Lockstraps ($44.95 each) and was pretty impressed with the idea. It’s one of those things where you say to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Measuring in at 8 1/2 feet long, each strap comes with a soft extension to help protect your bike’s surface from scratches and a combination locking carabineer on each end. However, what’s really cool and helps with the strength and security of the strap is the braided stainless steel cable that’s sewn in and runs the length of the strap. Adding to the toughness and durability of the straps are beefy rivets. I found the straps not only useful for tying down and securing my motorcycle, but also for locking down anything in the back of my truck that I didn’t want people to walk off with. Heck even when not in use the Lockstraps serve a purpose as I can lock them to my truck bed and not worry about people stealing them. And the fact that the carabineeners have a combination lock rather than a keyed lock mean less clutter on my key ring. My only gripe is that the straps are a cam buckle operation which mean you have to really pull and work to get a heavy motorcycle like a Harley secured tight so it wont move or shift as you drive. However, looking at the website I noticed that Lockstraps will soon be offering ratchet-style Lockstraps which will make tying down a Harley way easier and make the Lockstraps a really topnotch product.


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