Paughco Springer Forks

Classicizing your bike with a little spring in its step

paughco springer front end fork

It's like a police lineup for springer forks.

Courtesy of Paughco

Paughco touts their springer front ends as the ultimate in a classic springer fork set. They've been manufacturing reproduction and custom Springers for nearly 4 decades, so they definitely have plenty of experience when it comes to forks.

Currently they offer over 90 different variations including stock and custom applications to fit just about any year and model. Paughco SPRINGER assemblies are available in wide and narrow styles, in a variety of lengths, with or without shocks and designed for use with Dog Bone risers or Glide style top clamp. Most recently they have introduced a model that incorporates their unique “floating fender” assembly. Available finished in Paughco’s durable show quality chrome or new gloss black finish. Paughco’s traditional springer line-up is priced starting at just $1,199.95 and the new powder coated “Special” springers retail for a mere $699.95. Check with your local Paughco dealer, go to or call direct to 775-246-5738.

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