Pangea Speed’s Future Man Harley Flathead Chopper

A collection of parts turned this Harley-Davidson UL custom

To hear Andy Carter tell it, Pangea Speed’s Future Man chopper is a brainchild with many parents: “This bike has been a collection of parts that I have been planning for about four years. Some of the parts were gifts, some have some heartache attached to them, some are jokes, and others were last-minute additions.”

The main idea here was to make something that represents who Andy is and his relationships to his good friends. That’s a much better goal going into a custom bike project than, “Meh, just doing something different.” You wouldn’t know the theme to look at this UL chopper; you’d only see the cool motorcycle that’s the sum of its parts, and that’s fine. But if you’re one of Andy’s close compadres, you may get something more out of it by recognizing the intent in the parts. I’ve seen old motorcycles as rolling time capsules, inside jokes, and symbols of personal tragedy, but this is the first time I’ve seen those all in one custom bike at the same time.

Andy’s Flathead here isn’t all about its looks, however. “The bike runs well and stops well,” he says. “It is something to actually ride.” He’d like to extend his heartfelt thanks to Logan Bradshaw, Danny Payne, Brook Lund, Dave Polgreen, Jeff Leighton, and Katie Mae for who they are and what they’ve done.

rigid-framed flathead chopper

Looks can be deceiving: The history in this bike isn’t limited to its being a sweet rigid-framed Flathead chopper with a long fork.

Michael Lichter Photography

engraved triple tree

What story lurks in these trees? (See what I did there?)

Michael Lichter Photography

snap on motorcycle seat

And here I thought “snap-on” only applied to tools.

Michael Lichter Photography

custom harley-davidson flathead chopper

Even the “ugly side” of the bike is pretty.

Michael Lichter Photography

custom painted gas tank

That smooth peanut of a tank sits low on the backbone.

Michael Lichter Photography

old custom airbox

You could say this old airbox made a snappy comeback.

Michael Lichter Photography

flathead custom details

As much as Pangea Speed’s Andy Carter says some of this project was about inside jokes, the hard work he put into creating and restoring it is no joke at all.

Michael Lichter Photography

suicide shifter

Is that a suicide shifter or are you just happy to see me? All kidding aside, this is one killer chopper to look at.

Michael Lichter Photography