Pack Your SAC...

...And Hit the Road

SAC sent us its Ultra SAC, one of the largest pieces the company makes. Offered in either leather or nylon, the Ultra measures 20 inches tall, 22 inches wide, and 11 inches deep. Other than the main storage compartment, the Ultra has two large side pockets that are securely closed by zippers and Velcro. It also has three smaller pockets in the front that are perfect for keys or a cell phone.

The Ultra is designed for bikes that have a sissybar. The bag can quickly and easily be secured to the bike by slipping the sissybar pocket, which is sewn on the back of the bag, over the sissybar. The cool thing about the Ultra is that it can be mounted so that the bag rests on the passenger seat, or if you already have a passenger, it can sit on a luggage rack.

We decided to situate our SAC on the passenger seat. The bag was then securely fastened to the bike via the two straps on the sides of the bag. The straps can be secured around your turn signals, shocks, luggage rack, or other safe locations.

The Ultra's main compartment easily fit our tripod and camera case with room to spare. If we happen to run out of space inside the bag, the Ultra has several D rings on it and comes with a cargo net for added storage on the outside. One of the best things about the Ultra is that, with its waterproof liner, we don't have to worry about our stuff getting wet.

With our SAC safely secured to our bike and filled with all our gear, we were ready to make the trip to our next photo shoot location.

None of us like to deal with excess baggage, especially if we are on a motorcycle. However, every so often, we may come across a time when we desperately need some extra storage space. Semi-permanent storage solutions such as fiberglass/hard saddlebags are great, but they can be expensive, installation can be very time consuming, and they can also drastically change the look and profile of your bike. With this knowledge in mind, SAC, out of Buffalo, New York, offers an assortment of luggage and travel accessories that can be installed or removed from your bike quickly and easily.

With the amount of traveling we do from the office to photo shoot locations, we really needed a place to store all of our camera equipment on our '03 H-D Softail. We put in a call to SAC and told its people how much space we were looking for. In return, they asked us a few questions about the setup of our bike, such as whether it had a sissybar and/or a luggage rack. With all the information exchanged, a SAC travel bag was shipped to our office.