Pack Animal Backpack And Zero Tolerance ZT 0566BW Pocketknife

Tough gear in our favorite color—black, of course

pack animal backpack and zero tolerance knife

A Pack Animal backpack and a Zero Tolerance pocket knife–a blacked-out combo made to last.

Julia LaPalme

“What color would you like?”

“Is black an option?”

Every damn time. Black is consistent. It’s easy to keep clean. It matches my soul. These two items have been with me through countless trips, countless jobs, and have proved their reliability. The Pack Animal backpack and Zero Tolerance 0566BW knife are both no-nonsense items designed to do their jobs very well—and in all black, they both look good doing it.

The Pack Animal backpack is designed to be simple and efficient, and it’s just that. Its one main pocket can be accessed through the roll-top opening in the top of the heavy-duty zipper down the side. There is only one small outer pocket in the front, perfect for carrying flat documents, charging cables, and accessories. A water-bottle holder on one side is complemented by two beefy leather straps that I often use to hold my jacket while I travel or if things warm up on a ride. Construction is an 18-ounce waxed twill outer with 10.1-ounce waxed canvas details and premium veg-tanned leather, lined with a waterproof 10-ounce vinyl. The outer shell gets better looking and softens up the more I abuse it. It shows no signs of slowing down, and it’s only getting easier to use and more comfortable.

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The ZT 0566BW has been dipping in and out of my pocket for the past couple of years now, and it’s been an incredibly dependable tool. Zero Tolerance is one of the largest knife manufacturers in the world, which allows it to work with unique knife-makers using the best materials, while charging you less because it’s doing so on a larger scale. The blade is made of S35VN powdered steel, which means it has excellent toughness and edge retention, but it’s also flexible enough to avoid chipping. The front scale is a textured G10 for grip, while the back is a smooth blackened steel with an integrated lock bar and stabilizer. For convenience, there are four different mounting points for the deep-set clip.