Ocean City Bike Fest 2015

The 5th Annual Ocean City Bikefest had perfect weather, which never sucks for a bike event. If you haven’t been to Ocean City you should definitely check it out if you get the chance. Lots to do beyond bikefest activities.

Sadly, I showed up a bit too late to see the International Bikini Team tryouts. For some stupid reason they started early on Thursday before the crowds showed up. I don’t know if that was punishment for the guests of the show or a kind pass for the girls to not be subjected to a hoard of drunk bikers. In any case I doubt I was alone in my disappointment. Luckily there was other stuff to keep one entertained.

OC BikeFest is located right on the boardwalk which offers plenty to do and eat. Inside the event was chock full of vendors, bike builders, stunt shows and more food. The headliners for this year were Great White, Kix, REO Speedwagon and The Doobie Brothers. Almost made me wish I still had my perm and acid washed jeans. Actually not at all, scratch that. In addition to the headlining acts there were a few choice tribute bands; Kashmir, the nation’s #1 Led Zeppelin tribute band, and High Voltage, an AC/DC powerhouse who proved that Hell still ain’t a bad place to be. If you don’t get that reference then I feel sorry for your teenage years. Kevin Cronin, lead singer of REO Speedwagon, did the concert in tribute of guitarist Gary Richrath who died just a few days before the show. Riding the storm out indeed.

CIA (Customization in America) Bike show hosted the “East Coast” Invitational highlighting only 12 bikes in two categories including freestyle and custom retro from East Coast builders. Jeremy Cupp of LC Fabrication took the prize money and bragging rights and will now move on to attend the national championship later this year in Orlando.