No-Mar Professional Motorcycle Tire Changer

Scratch Proof Tire Changing

This new patented design features additional and standard front mounted ATV bead breaker and platen block at ground level in addition to waist level Scratchproof Beadbreaker! This Extra Heavy Duty manual tire changer can handle just about anything you can throw at it! 7 inch to 24 inch wheel capacity( But with standard frame can handle a 30inch wheel) No-Mar now are offering a new Upgrade called (Monster Clamp upgrade) for 2015 as well. This will allow the Consumer to work on a wheel as small as 7 inches to as big as 33 inch wheel. The kit will include Larger frame arms and a Large Mount Demount bar. Each unit comes with a new and improved 40 inch bead breaker arm for maximum leverage . Life time limited warranty !

Standard Pro comes complete with:

-Professional Tire Changer -2015 Model

-Cam Blocks

-(3) Posi-Clamps

-Patented Mount/Demount Bar

-(3) Spare Demount tips

-1 Pint Tire Lube Paste

-Spray Bottle

-ScratchProof Bead Breaker

-Floor Mounting Kit

-(3) Xtra Hand Clamps

-(2) of our 16" SpoonBars (New color for 2015!)

-(1) Yellow Thing

-NOW with two attached Bead Breakers: ScratchProof and ATV

-Tool Collar


Then if you want the Ultimate these Items are included.All standard equipment PLUS:

-Standard Wheel Balancer with small & medium cones, and a smooth 18" rod

-Large Cone Set: includes (2) 3.5inch cones and (1) 2.5inch cone along with an 18" Threaded Rod

-Starter kit of Wheel weights (60 Self Adhesive 1/4 oz weights in 5 strips)

-Valve Stem Core Wrench

-Set of Wooden Block Shims

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