New Tire Changer from BikeMaster

Get that new tire on your bike & be back in the saddle laying down the abuse

The performance side of custom bikes has been on the rise for awhile now and with it comes the need for tools to handle the wear-and-tear that hard riding puts on your machine. All that fun comes at a cost. Part of that price tag involves beating the hell out of your tires, whether it's flat track racing, smoky burnouts, touring, or off-road. There's an excellent chance that if you're into any of those things hard enough to kill tires like flies, you (a) don't mind getting your mitts dirty working on your machine and (b) hate being out of the saddle waiting for a shop to re-shod your steed.

With the new BikeMaster Tire Changing Stand with Bead Breaker (P/N 152511), changing a tire just got a whole lot easier. This stand’s integrated bead breaker will help you conquer the most stubborn beads with a wide footprint that offers a solid platform to safely hold your wheel during tire and tube changes.

motorcycle tire change stand with bead breaker

In the garage or at the track, a tire change stand like this one can come in pretty handy.

Courtesy of BikeMaster

“This is a must-have tool for anyone who rides. It makes changing tires quick and easy and the bead breaker helps break free even the most determined beads. It’s a great tool to have in your garage,” says Phillip Mayfield, Brand Manager for BikeMaster.

Its rugged steel construction will withstand everyday use, while remaining light enough to take to the track. Now, there is no reason to allow a flat tire or punctured tube to ruin your day at the track with buddies or a weekend camping trip with the family.

The BikeMaster Tire Change Stand with Bread Breaker is designed to work on most motorcycle wheels from 16” to 21” in diameter. It retails for $74.95 and can be ordered through your local Tucker Rocky | Biker’s Choice dealer. For more information, visit BikeMaster online