New Product—Sena Prism Tube Wi-Fi

An inexpensive and easy-to-use first-person motorcycle camera

sena prism tube wi-fi

Sena Prism Tube Wi-Fi

Julia LaPalme

In this business of motorcycle content, we’re always looking for better and easier ways to tell our two-wheeled stories, and Sena has just given us one. The Prism Tube Wi-Fi is a small cylindrical camera that pairs with your smartphone to instantly download media to your phone’s library and adjust the camera’s settings. With a microphone and speaker for use when mounted on a helmet, first-person riding videos have never been easier.

Using the app, you can get a live feed from the Prism Tube that will allow you to make sure it’s mounted correctly and in the right orientation. The helmet mount has a multidirectional adjuster that makes getting the right angle simple, as long as the mounting point is on a relatively straightforward angle. The camera can film in as high as 1440p resolution, with a wide-angle lens sporting a 125-degree field of vision. A helmet mount is included in the box, but other mounting options are available online as well if you want to change up the angle. However, the Sena mic and speaker will only work when hard-wired to your helmet.

When turned on, the in-helmet speaker will say, “Camera on, recording,” and the light will flash blue. Another alert will let you know when you push the little ring on the camera back to turn it off. Due to the new Wi-Fi connection, the audio quality broadcast to your phone is higher than previous models, and that of the Sena Prism, but you will still find some level of muffled, in-helmet wind effect in your recordings while recording at speed. The little notch at the top marks the camera’s orientation, which can be a little confusing, but the Wi-Fi addition and app make sure you can frame up your shots now.

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For $180, the Prism Tube Wi-Fi is an easy option for anyone looking to film and narrate their ride, or just provide a little extra insurance in the case of an incident on your commute. It’s simple, it’s quality, and now, it’s easier to share than ever.