New Pro Pad Seat Pad

In quilted diamond mesh

pro pad seat pad

This seat pad features a soft cushion, breathable fabric and medical grade polymer insert for maximum comfort.

Courtesy of Pro Pad Inc.

Pro Pad Inc. announces the latest addition to their line of seat pads, the Quilted Diamond Mesh. This product uses a quilted layer of black, mesh fabric to provide both a soft cushion and breathability while maintaining great style. All Quilted Diamond Mesh seat pads use the Pro Pad Polymer (Gel) insert. The Medium, Large, and SuprCruzr sizes also come with a tailbone cutout for maximum comfort. Installation is easy with the quick disconnect hooks included.

Small sizes start at $55.95 with larger sizes around $99.95. The Quilted Diamond Mesh seat pad is available in five sizes: Medium (10” x 14”), Large (12” x 16”), Small (7” x 10”), SuprCruzr (16” x 17”), and Touring (14” x 16.5”). All pads have a 2 year replacement warranty. Each seat pad is made in the USA.

The Diamond Mesh seat pads are available by contacting Pro Pad Inc directly at 1-800-403-2714 or online. They may also be found at select motorcycle or accessory dealers.

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