New Motorcycle Products to Start the Year, Part 4

More new custom parts & accessories

We ran part 3 yesterday and here's the last installment of our 2017 New Products list with which to customize your bike.

Roland Sands Design FXR Seat

Roland Sands Design FXR Seat (Contact for Pricing)

Courtesy of Roland Sands Design

Wheelies, burnouts, and basic hooligan riding are what these FXR seats are all about. RSD used our standard foam in the seating area for comfort and denser foam behind the rider for extra support when popping wheelies or standing on the seat. RSD built this seat for our own FXR, and it works great on solo missions or with a passenger. They bolt directly on and the use of the stock FXR hinge is eliminated. The ergonomic seat shape keeps the rider seated firmly and comfortably. While the Traction has the added function of gripper material, the Boss has a detailed triple stitch, hand-sewn lines and raised perforated diamond pattern coupled with unique distressed vinyl. All RSD seats are proudly made in the USA by Mustang.

Roland Sands Design Radial Masters w/ Mirror Mounts

Roland Sands Design Radial Masters w/ Mirror Mounts (Contact for Pricing)

Courtesy of Roland Sands Design

Controls and comfort go hand in hand; it’s very difficult to have one without the other. The RSD line of hand and foot controls address both while keeping it stylish. From RSD's innovative new Radial Master Cylinders, to replaceable and ergonomically correct Rental rubber-wrapped grips with matching foot pegs to its adjustable levers, RSD has got you covered. A race driven Radial Mount Master Cylinder with a built-in reservoir that works every bit as good as it looks. This master delivers stunning performance and feel for any bike without the need for an external reservoir and with classic RSD styling. With fully adjustable levers and clearance for stock switch housings, this versatile system will drastically improve your brake system from the master cylinder down.

Rowe Electronics Inc. PDM60+

Rowe Electronics Inc. PDM60+ (Contact for Pricing)

Courtesy of Rowe Electronics Inc.

New from Rowe Electronics, the PDM60+ features proven PDM technology and stellar service from Rowe Electronics, with 80-amp total capacity and Bluetooth programming and control. This unit has increased inputs for more switched circuit control. Available summer 2017 in your choice of the original PDM60 or the more advanced PDM60+ to power and protect your electronic accessories.

S&S Cycle Hooligan Kit for Sportsters

S&S Cycle Hooligan Kit for Sportsters ($1499.95–$1549.95)

Courtesy of S&S Cycle

Whether you’re Hooligan racing or just want more power, the S&S Hooligan kits for 2000–2017 Harley-Davidson Sportster models will give you an edge on the competition. Boost that 883 to 1,200cc or your 1,200 to 1,250cc. Bolt-on big-bore kits mean easy installation with no machining and no rebalancing. S&S bolt-in cams and premium tappets make the most of the added displacement. The kit uses the stock heads, pushrods, and fuel system. The Hooligan is available in silver or black powdercoat that matches your stock finish.

SikPipes Xpipes

SikPipes Xpipes ($1200)

Courtesy of SikPipes

The Xpipes is the newest and gnarliest creation yet at SikPipes. Just released for the upcoming riding season, this is a very versatile exhaust working on many different model Harleys with mids, forwards, or floorboards. Xpipes can be purchased in black, chrome, or raw stainless finish. With a few options to pick from, you can make your Xpipes fit your style.

Sinister Wheel Reaper Wheel

Sinister Wheel Reaper Wheel (Contact for Pricing)

Courtesy of Sinister Wheel

Introduced earlier, Sinister Wheels' Reaper wheel design is now available in a chrome finish. You can get the Reaper in wide range of wheel sizes from 16-inch to 32-inch diameter. As with all of Sinister Wheels' designs it can be painted in any color combination as well.

The Speed Merchant Cruiser Pegs

The Speed Merchant Cruiser Pegs ($144.95­–$154.95)

Courtesy of The Speed Merchant

The Speed Merchant's Cruiser pegs fit most Harley-Davidson models. Manufactured from CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, they're available in black anodized finish, machined finish, and gold anodized. This is the same design as the Speed Pegs, minus the machined cornering clearance, for a more relaxed style. Cruiser pegs have a stainless steel clevis that's adjustable for any angle. These footpegs are sold in pairs.

Sumax High Performance Thundervolt50 8.2mm Spark Plug Wires

Sumax High Performance Thundervolt50 8.2mm Spark Plug Wires ($37.95)

Courtesy of Sumax

High Performance Thundervolt50 8.2mm Spark Plug Wires core produce a constant spark that cleans your plugs while you ride. Custom-fit sets are available for all Harley-Davidson, Victory, Indian, and Triumph motorcycles. Custom pre-fit and universal sets come in several colors: black, red, blue, yellow, orange, and purple.

(315) 768-1058

Super Shox, Inc. SR1 Custom Series Shox

Super Shox, Inc. SR1 Custom Series Shox ($629.99–$800)

Courtesy of Super Shox, Inc.

Super Shox now offers the SR1 Custom Series of rear shock absorbers for its entire product line. Riders can select a custom spring color or finish of their choice along with a custom color shock body or finish for an over-the-top customized look. Options are endless—from a full custom color shock to an all-chrome finish while getting the dramatically improved ride they deserve and Super Shox guarantees.

(847) 548-SHOX

Syphon Sound Soundwrap

Syphon Sound Soundwrap ($169)

Courtesy of Syphon Sound

Let’s face it: Earbuds aren’t meant for riding, and that pain in your smashed ear canal should be the first proof of that. Syphon Sound’s Soundwrap is the world’s first flexible speaker purpose-built for riders. Measuring in at just 1/10-inch thick, they pump out some serious volume with unbelievable sound quality. The speakers are housed in a sweat-proof sleeve that Velcros comfortably into any helmet and connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

TC Bros. Hardtail Chopper Seats

TC Bros. Hardtail Chopper Seats (starting at $174.95)

Courtesy of TC Bros.

New Hardtail Chopper Seats from TC Bros. feature quality American construction and timeless looks. Handmade in the USA, these seats are designed to be a perfect fit on their 1982–’03 Sportster weld-on hardtails. These 5/16-inch to 18-inch threaded mounts on the heavy 14ga powdercoated steel seat pan make it possible to fit these seats to many other hardtail frames as well. Hand stitched from 100 percent marine-grade vinyl, these seats look like leather but without the maintenance.

(419) 265-9399

ThunderMax Performance ECM for 2017 Touring H-Ds

ThunderMax Performance ECM for 2017 Touring H-Ds ($989.99)

Courtesy of ThunderMax

ThunderMax is continuing to be an industry leader in the Harley Davidson Market, having announced the ThunderMax for the 2017 Milwaukee Eight engine. ThunderMax uses WaveTune technology to tune over three times faster than any other system available. The use of wide band 18mm O2 sensors gives a 500 times greater reading over the factory narrow band O2 sensors—no dyno tuning required. ThunderMax is not only easy to use and install, but the module also increases throttle response and engine performance while creating a smoother and cooler-running engine. The ECM automatically tunes for riding style and conditions, such as altitude, barometric pressure, and ambient air temperature. With ThunderMax you will never outgrow your motorcycle.

(615) 616-1127

Tricky Air & Billet Inc. Cantilever Front Air Suspension

Tricky Air & Billet Inc. Cantilever Front Air Suspension (Contact for Pricing)

Courtesy of Tricky Air & Billet Inc.

The "Cantilever" front air suspension system is based off of the new 9-degree "Naked 9" raked triple trees for the FLH model bikes. Notice that all the suspension takes place on the legs; this allows to manufacture these legs for any kinds of bikes on the market as long as they have triple trees. Simply just turn down the diameter of the legs to what ever size triple tree your bike has. The front end has 6.5 inches of complete suspension travel and rides on our stainless-steel shocks with built-in adjustable damping. The legs, radial arm, and connecting rod are completely made out of solid T6 6061 billet aluminum, while the rockers are made out of 304 stainless steel. Tricky Air & Billet can manufacture these legs in custom lengths if needed.

Vance & Hines VO2 Air Intake Drak Carbon

Vance & Hines VO2 Air Intake Drak Carbon ($399.99)

Courtesy of Vance & Hines

This air filter kit, like Fuelpak, is made the Vance & Hines way: engineered and manufactured entirely in-house with an all-aluminum venturi to shape the air for improved flow and a race-inspired carbon-fiber cover for a distinctive design that is a perfect match for any exhaust system. Includes a high-flow washable and reusable air filter.

Wild 1 Inc. Chubby Bagger Low Bar

Wild 1 Inc. Chubby Bagger Low Bar (Contact for Pricing)

Courtesy of Wild 1 Inc.

The Bagger Low Chubby has a 7-inch height when mounted on the bike and gives you about 15 inches of pullback while being 34.5 inches wide (grip to grip), and like all Chubbys they are drilled for internal wiring. They are made with the same double-wall construction as all other Chubbys with 1.25-inch diameter tubing. Special care is taken in the manufacturing process to make sure the inside corners are smooth so the electrical doesn’t get hung up during installation. Designed to lean you back on your ride and give you much more comfortable wrist angle then stock (works with stock cable lengths on 2014–later baggers). They’re available in show chrome, satin black powdercoat, or a raw finish. The Bagger Low Chubby has been designed to fit all H-D bagger models. All Wild 1 Inc.’s products are 100 percent made in the USA.

(800) 337-8870

Z1R New Strike OPS SV Helmet

Z1R New Strike OPS SV Helmet ($119.95)

Courtesy of Z1R

How do you make a great street helmet better? Start with a Z1R Helmet of course. Then add a drop down sun visor to the sleek Strike OPS Full Face Helmet. Top it off with some sharp new graphics and you have the all-new STRIKE OPS SV Helmet. It's DOT and ECE 22.05 approved with dual density EPS. Ample ventilation will provide cool comfort. Available in six graphic designs and four solid colors. Sizes range from XS to 2X.

(800) 369-1000

Zee's Customs Inc. ZLED Headlamps

Zee's Customs Inc. ZLED Headlamps ($489)

Courtesy of Zee's Customs Inc.

Zee’s Customs Inc. has a full line of headlamps for most of the Harley-Davidson platforms. These headlamps will improve your riding experience in many ways, including your safety while riding the back rural roads or even city riding. All Zee's Customs headlamps are complete plug-and-play applications for a simple installation. Pictured here is the ZLED Road Glide model, available in black or chrome for 2004–2013 Road Glides.

Zipper's Muscle 110-inch Extreme Kit for 2008–later CVO Models

Zipper's Muscle 110-inch Extreme Kit for 2008–later CVO Models ($5,799)

Courtesy of Zipper's Performance

Zipper's Muscle 110 Extreme kit is a combination of the right mix of components and modifications that extracts stunning horsepower and torque from the CVO 110 platform. The goal was to break the 150-hp barrier on pump gas without creating a narrow power curve that detracts from the riding experience. The Muscle 110 Extreme delivers, with claimed torque breaking 100 pound-feet from 2,750 rpm through redline, peaking at 130 pound-feet. Powerful components supplied with this kit include Zipper's proprietary 26cc dome high-compression pistons fitted to your cylinders to provide the squeeze necessary to generate this kind of power.

Corbin Softail Slim Seats

Corbin Softail Slim Seats (starting at $553)

Courtesy of Corbin Seats

Corbin offers three designs for Harley-Davidson's Softail Slim: the Wall, Classic Solo, and Dual Touring. Generously contoured platforms eliminate hot spots and centralized pressure that causes discomfort. On the inside, Corbin's exclusive Comfort Cell foam material gives firm support that conforms to your body. And as an added bit of luxury, there is the option of electric-seat heaters for those chilly morning rides (option not available on The Wall).