New Motorcycle Products to Start the Year, Part 3

20+ products for your bike

Last week we gave you the first part of our mini-buyers guide to custom motorcycle parts. Yesterday we continued the list and now we've moved on the second-to-last installment of the list.

KB Performance V-twin Pistons Super Duty Twin Cam Piston Line

KB Performance V-twin Pistons Super Duty Twin Cam Piston Line (Contact for Pricing)

Courtesy of KB Performance V-twin Pistons

KB Performance V-twin Pistons has just released a “Super Duty” line of Harley Davidson Twin Cam pistons. This series offers a hard anodized crown and top ring groove. Unique abradable skirt coating from Line2Line insures a tight running clearance for better ring seal. Available for 103-, 110-, and 113-inch applications.

(800) 648-7970

Kerker Stout Slip-on mufflers for 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring models

Kerker Stout Slip-on mufflers for 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring models ($749)

Courtesy of Kerker

The proven Kerker Stout by SuperTrapp Industries is now available for the 2017 H-D Touring models. This 4-inch slip-on features a high-flow 2.5-inch core for huge performance gains and a deep, throaty sound that won’t overpower a radio when cruising. Available in chrome or black high-temperature ceramic finish with a matching billet aluminum end cap. These units are completely rebuildable. No tuning is required. Kerker and SuperTrapp products are made in the USA.

(216) 265-8400

Khrome Werks 2:1 and 2:2 Touring Exhaust systems

Khrome Werks 2:1 and 2:2 Touring Exhaust systems ($899.95 [starting])

Courtesy of Khrome Werks

Combining 35 years of history in the motorcycle aftermarket industry and an acquisition by Lincoln Industries, the largest metal finishing company in North America, Khrome Werks is introducing an exhaust line that exceeds industry standards in both performance and style. The new products offer the same fitment, precision engineering, and performance Khrome Werks has been known for, now with Lincoln Industries premium styling and finishing that exceed OEM standards. The 2-into-1 and 2-into-2 Touring systems are designed for peak performance and are offered in chrome, proprietary black. and Khrome Werk’s new StyleLinc Eclipse finish.

Kuryakyn Heavy Industry Switchblades Heel Rests

Kuryakyn Heavy Industry Switchblades Heel Rests ($139.99)

Courtesy of Kuryakyn

Versatile Heavy Industry Switchblades are tough, stylish, and utilize flip-out heel rests for unmatched foot support and long-haul comfort. Quality A380 aluminum housings showcase rugged style with knurled top surface and premium EPDM rubber for ideal traction and reduced vibration. Available in chrome or satin black, with splined adapters that allow angle adjustment.

Legend Suspensions AXEO for Harley-Davidson Dyna, FXD Models

Legend Suspensions AXEO for Harley-Davidson Dyna, FXD Models (Contact for Pricing)

Courtesy of Legend Suspensions

AXEO front suspensions fit all Harley-Davidson Dyna models from 2006–later models, except FXDWG and FXDF models. They are available in standard 49mm models. The AXEO includes two monotube dual chambered damper cartridges, with internal floating piston nitrogen chambers, and machined stainless steel pre-load adjusters. The AXEO kit also includes Maxima Racing Oil in the cartridges and quart bottle. AXEO provides an overall improved ride quality with a smoother and more controlled ride. AXEO eliminates front-end dive during aggressive braking and provides a firm feel for high-speed sweeping turns with no wallowing or wobble. The AXEO upgrade also eliminates bottoming out over bump or pot holes, improves floorboard and peg clearance during hard cornering, reduces tire cupping, and enhances low-speed handling. Legend AXEO are also available for 1997–later Harley-Davidson FLH models.

Lowbrow Customs RTW Spark Plug Holder

Lowbrow Customs RTW Spark Plug Holder ($59.95)

Courtesy of Lowbrow Customs

The RTW (Round-The-World) Spark Plug Holder comes complete with a cold-forged, 304 stainless steel multi-tool, which allows you to swap out your spark plugs without having any other tools on hand. The holder fits on any motorcycle with a USA-sized motorcycle license plate. The slotted, investment-cast aluminum spark plug holder will mount at the top or bottom of any license plate or on the backside of your license plate bracket as long as there is room. Simply unbolt your license plate, bolt the RTW Spark Plug Holder in place, and thread in a spare pair of spark plugs. The wrench multi-tool includes a spark plug gapper, an inch and metric ruler, bottle opener, straight screwdriver blade, and 1/4-inch hex driver.

(855) 456-9276

MagnaFlow Legacy Gen-X for Softail and Dyna Models

MagnaFlow Legacy Gen-X for Softail and Dyna Models ($679.95 [chrome] $749.95 [black])

Courtesy of MagnaFlow

The Legacy Gen-X system is engineered to increase horsepower and torque with equalized exhaust flow and balanced backpressure to help put the power to the ground. Deep, bold, rumbling sound quality is the signature of the Legacy Gen-X system. The maintenance-free, Hi-Flow stainless-steel louver core baffles help generate superior sound and performance over stock. The durable Magna-Black coated 1-3/4-inch stainless steel head pipes will not rust or blue. The 12mm and 18mm O2 sensor ports allow for maximum tuning options. The Legacy Gen-X features 2-1/2-inch full coverage heat shields and laser cut X junction cover that make a bold statement on your Dyna or Softail. Available in show chrome or deep black finishes with precision channeled, rotatable gloss black end caps for a personalized custom look. Made in the USA by MagnaFlow.

Magnum Shielding Corporation

Magnum Shielding Corporation 1.25 Caliber Bagger or Ape Hanger Handlebar Kits ($539.95)

Courtesy of Magnum Shielding Corporation

Magnum’s 1.25 Caliber Bagger or Ape Hanger Handlebar Kits are the only complete kits with matching Sterling Chromite II or Black Pearl braided cables and brake lines. Kits include chrome or gloss black 1-1/4-inch Caliber Handlebars, wiring extensions, and are preloaded with E-Z pull-thru sleeving that make wiring installations a breeze.

(585) 381-8380

Maxima Racing Oils V-Twin Syn Primary Oil

Maxima Racing Oils V-Twin Syn Primary Oil ($10.95/quart)

Courtesy of Maxima Racing Oils

This is a 100 percent synthetic motorcycle gear oil formulated for high-performance transmissions and primary chain cases. It's designed for use in all 1984–later H-D models with wet diaphragm spring clutches. High film strength gear oil provides excellent protection against shock loads, wear, and offers smooth shifting under peak loads and rpm. Robust formula resists mechanical shearing and heat breakdown and protect gears from wear and deposits for trouble-free operation.

Memphis Shades Sportshields for Indian Scout and Scout Sixty

Memphis Shades Sportshields for Indian Scout and Scout Sixty ($225.90–$246.90)

Courtesy of Memphis Shades

The Memphis Shades Sportshield family of windshields are now Indian ready. With five different styles and colors of Sportshields, with heights ranging from 13 inches to 19 inches, you’re sure to find one that fits your riding style for your Indian Scout or Scout Sixty.

Contact your Drag Specialties dealer.

Mikuni HSR42 Performance Carburetor Easy Kit

Mikuni HSR42 Performance Carburetor Easy Kit (Contact for Pricing)

Courtesy of Mikuni

Mikuni American’s popular HSR42mm Series Smoothbore Carburetors are available in easily installed “Easy Kits” for all late-model Harley-Davidson and other American V-twin applications. Included are kits for 1990–later 1,340cc Big Twin engines, together with 1994–later 1,200cc Sportster and Buell S2 models. HSR42 Kits come complete with a properly jetted Mikuni HSR42 carburetor, installation instructions, and works with your stock throttle cables. Included is a special adapter that allows you to retain your stock airbox or use the higher flowing Screamin’ Eagle performance filter kit for an additional performance gain.

motorex racing fork oil

Motorex Racing Fork Oil ($19.50/Liter)

Courtesy of Motorex

Newly formulated Racing Fork oils with the addition of 4W. The new formulation includes reduced friction, reduced initial stiction, and reduced foaming along with increased lubricity and faster air evaporation over the older formulation. Viscosities available include 2.5W, 4W, 5W, 7.5W, 10W, and 15W to fit many applications.

Mustang Seats Revere Seats by Mustang

Mustang Seats Revere Seats by Mustang ($259 [starting])

Courtesy of Mustang Seats

Truly an extension of the rider’s personality, Mustang’s new line of Revere seats are available in solo or two-up versions to fit FL, XL, Dyna, and Softail models. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to match your passion for the open road. Revere seats are proudly handcrafted in Mustang’s New England facility.

(800) 243-1392

Performance Machine Fork Braces

Performance Machine Fork Braces ($259.95)

Courtesy of Performance Machine

Performance Machine is excited to announce its introduction of Fork Braces to its ever-growing accessory lineup. PM Fork Braces are currently available for 39mm, 41mm, and 49mm fork tube applications and are designed to be modular for easy installation. Integrated dust covers and a split design allow for installation to be completed without removal of the fork legs. Constructed to be lightweight and available in multiple finishes, these Fork Braces are a perfect match to any existing PM accessories currently found on your motorcycle. Fits various 1984–later Dyna, Softail, and Sportster applications.

Progressive Suspension All New 490 Sport Series Shocks

Progressive Suspension All New 490 Sport Series Shocks ($649.95)

Courtesy of Progressive Suspension

A true sport performance shock at heart, the new 490 Sport Series Shocks feature a high-pressure monotube with deflective disc damping technology, hand-threaded preload, and a rebound adjustment to dial in the ride. This technology coupled with a linear rate spring allow for consistent feel through the damper stroke and the ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges and heavy loads. An engineered jounce bumper with a built-in metal cup also help smooth out and control bottoming. Fits the H-D Sportster, Dyna, V-Rod, Touring, and the Triumph Bonneville and Thruxton models.

(877) 690-7411

Pro Pad Inc. Slim Tour Pack Quick Detach Racks

Pro Pad Inc. Slim Tour Pack Quick Detach Racks (Contact for Pricing)

Courtesy of Pro Pad Inc.

Pro Pad Inc. has announced the launch of a new product, the Slim Tour Pack Quick Detach Rack, which is suitable for 2009–later Harley-Davidson motorbikes. A Slim Tour Pack Quick Detach Rack is also available for 1997–2008 Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The Raxx range of detachable tour pack racks has been designed to enable people to add a tour pack to their bike or to change their permanent mount to a detachable system. It works with both the OE (Harley) and aftermarket tour packs as well. All packs, including the new model, are very easy to bolt on through the pre-drilled holes. They fit flush against the bottom of the tour pack, providing more support. The new Slim Tour Pack Racks are made from heavy-gauge stainless steel. Customers can choose between a polished or flat-black powder coat to customize it to best suit their own model.

RacingBros Bazooka H-D HLR Shock for Harley-Davidson

RacingBros Bazooka H-D HLR Shock for Harley-Davidson (Contact for Pricing)

Courtesy of RacingBros

RacingBros Bazooka H-D HLR Shock features a 6061-T6 cold forged body cap for increased strength and fatigue life, Japanese high-strength Cr-Si spring steel with progressive rate design, a fully tunable and serviceable SAV (Speed Adaptive Valve) damping system, and co-axial hi/lo speed compression damping adjustment. The Bazooka has a 36mm CNC 7075-T6 damping piston and 14mm super-finished hard chrome shaft, which is super smooth, for hard and faster action. This is a Piggyback+IFP Design (Internal Float Piston). The oil/gas separator is inside; the shock could be mounted in either direction. RacingBros makes it for Dyna and Sportster models in a variety of lengths.

ratwax harley cleaner

Rat Wax (Contact for Pricing)

Courtesy of Rat Wax

Most Detailers and Soaps on the market contain cleaning agents that have high pH levels and petroleum shine enhancers that will damage your flat, matte, and satin finishes. Rat Wax has none of these harmful chemicals and is safe to use of your bike’s unique finish. Rat Wax cleans dirt, dust, fingerprints, water spots, bugs, and bird crap, protects against the fade of the sun with UV protection, and doesn't contain shine enhancers, wax, silicone, petroleum, or alcohol. Also works on metal, rubber, plastic, chrome, aluminum, carbon fiber, vinyl wrap, glass, windscreens, visors, and helmets.

(408) 551-4371

RC Components RCX Exhaust 4.5-inch Slip-on Mufflers for 2017 Harley Touring Models

RC Components RCX Exhaust 4.5-inch Slip-on Mufflers for 2017 Harley Touring Models ($669.95)

Courtesy of RC Components

Each muffler features a full-length 4.5-inch diameter muffler body with a precision- tuned 3-inch stepped core baffle. This unique baffle design transitions from a 2.5-inch louvered core into a wrapped 3-inch perforated baffle, which works to produce a deep, smooth rumble while providing you with increased horsepower and torque. The RCX 4.5-inch mufflers have been engineered and tested to maintain the proper air/fuel ratio with no modifications required. Customize the look of these new mufflers with your choice of 10 unique RCX Exhaust tips. Each muffler is available in chrome or a rich ceramic black finish. Made in the USA.

(800) 360-0915

Rinehart Racing 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring Exhaust

Rinehart Racing 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring Exhaust (Contact for Pricing)

Courtesy of Rinehart Racing

Rinehart Racing has new exhaust systems designed to fit the new Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight motor. The 2017 Rinehart Racing Slip-ons were designed to fit all 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring bikes and the Milwaukee-Eight powerplant. They feature the performance, sound, and style that Rinehart Racing products are known for, as well as the iconic Rinehart Racing end cap in black or chrome. Engineers and designers from Rinehart have been developing the new products since H-D introduced its 2017 models in late August.

Roland Sands Design Track 2-into-1 High Pipe

Roland Sands Design Track 2-into-1 High Pipe (Contact for Pricing)

Courtesy of Roland Sands Design

RSD took its original Tracker Pipe and decreased the weight, improved the performance, and simplified the tip creating the Track 2-into-1 High Pipe. Inspired by an exhaust you might find on a high-speed, wide-open flat-track racer, these lightweight pipes give you unparalleled Vance & Hines performance and breathe some life into your Softail or Sportster. You might still wake up the neighbors, but you won’t blow out your eardrums. Available in ceramic Black Ops finish as well as ceramic black with chrome.