New Jersey's Race Of Gentlemen

Walter Gemeinhardt The Race of Gentlemen October 12, 2015

Where's a place still left in America can you drag race on the beach without getting arrested? It's In New Jersey. Yes, New frickin' Jersey...

Mel Stultz and Bobby Greene of the Oilers C/C and M/C have taken a simplistic idea and have produced a world-class event out of it. It's called the Race of Gentlemen and one weekend in October any red-blooded guy or gal can take their Pre 1947 Motorcycle and go as fast as they can down the Wildwood, NJ, beach for one eighth of a mile all while thousands of race fans cheer them on!

Over the years the race has gotten bigger and more refined without losing that same very feeling that made it great when it started four short years ago. It's truly a fantastic event that you need to experience for yourself. The next Race of Gentlemen is October 2016