Coker Tire offers Firestone 2.75-21 and 3.00-21 Tires for Custom Motorcycles

The custom motorcycle market is a worldwide sensation that continues to grow with popularity, and Coker Tire is at the forefront of the market with a number of exciting products that are perfect for custom applications. Some of the most popular custom motorcycle tires are actually OE fitments that have been adapted to custom applications. Coker Tire is proud to announce the development of two new purpose-built tires for custom motorcycles, including vintage racing bikes, choppers and other custom creations.

Firestone is a legendary brand in the motorcycle community and the racing community in general. When it comes to period correct styling, Coker Tire leads the way with its Firestone products, and the new Firestone 2.75-21 and 3.00-21 tires are no exception. The straight-groove tread pattern is inspired by vintage racing tires, which had minimal tread designs, while the sidewall is smooth and clean. The two sizes are very desirable for custom motorcycles using a 21-inch wheel, as a vintage-style tire for the large-diameter wheel has not been readily available until now. Many motorcycle builders and customizers have been using Firestone Deluxe Champion rear tires, so now they can have a matching front tire in a popular size.

Whether you’re building a ‘70s style chopper, a race-inspired motorcycle or anything in between, the tall and skinny looks of a 21-inch front wheel offers a great look, and Coker Tire now offers two size options in its already popular Firestone product line. Now, builders will no longer need to dig through swap meets to try and find a usable tire that fits the build—the new Firestone 2.75-21 and 3.00-21 tires are affordable and they’re ready to ship to your door from Coker Tire’s distribution centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee and City of Industry, California.

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