New at Summit Racing: Daytona Twin Tec Products for Harley-Davidson(

Daytona Twin Tec offers Harley-Davidson® owners an easy way to extract more power from their bikes. There are options for both carbureted and fuel injected engines. Here are a few of the Daytona Twin Tec’s most popular products:

Twin Tuner Fuel Injection Controllers are a perfect complement to bikes fitted with a hot cam, free-flowing exhaust, and other performance upgrades. Fuel delivery can be tweaked from -20 to +30 percent, enabling a precise air/fuel ratio for maximum engine performance. Upgrading to the Twin Tuner II Fuel Injection Controller adds control of spark timing, with up to 10 degrees of spark retard. Adjustments are easy and intuitive, using the large pushbuttons and LED screen. Engine builders can connect the controllers to a PC for advanced fuel map adjustment. The controllers are housed in a compact rugged case with integrated tabs for easy mounting. They’re compatible with Daytona Twin Tec’s Twin Scan Plus tuning aid.

Better spark results in better combustion and ultimately better performance. Daytona Twin Tec makes High Output Coils that have over 40,000 volts of spark output. More importantly, the coils are the same size as the originals and snap into the stock wiring harness for plug-and-play operation. They’re an easy performance upgrade for carbureted 1999-2006 Harley-Davidsons®.

Daytona Twin Tec Plug-In Ignition Modules allow bike owners to adjust timing advance for optimized performance across the powerband. The modules also provide control of the RPM limiter. They install easily in place of the original units, support a J1850 data bus, and will interface seamlessly with the stock Harley-Davidson instrument cluster. Daytona Twin Tec also bundles these modules with its high output coil and USB interface to create all-in-one Ignition Kits to eliminate any component-matching guesswork.

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