New AMSOIL 20W-40 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil for Victory and Indian Motorcycles

AMSOIL has introduced a new viscosity to round out its line of premium synthetic oils for motorcycles. New AMSOIL 20W-40 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil is the only full-synthetic 20W-40 motorcycle oil on the market, presenting riders a premium alternative to Indian- and Victory-branded semi-synthetic oils. Indian and Victory motorcycles incorporate a shared sump, and AMSOIL 20W-40 is formulated to provide outstanding protection for both engines and transmissions. It is absolutely shear stable, keeping motorcycles well-protected even in extreme heat conditions.

· Delivers excellent wear protection

· Reduces friction and heat, keeping bikes running cool

· Helps prevent damaging sludge and carbon deposits

· Provides extreme-pressure protection for gears and chains

· Delivers excellent wet-clutch performance

· Catalytic-converter compatible

AMSOIL 20W-40 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil is recommended for air- or liquid-cooled Victory, model-year 2013 and newer Indian motorcycles and other four-stroke motorcycles calling for a 20W-40 motor oil. It meets API SM and JASO MA/MA2 specifications, providing outstanding protection for engines and transmissions.

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