New Aerocharger 66 Series Kits

H-D turbo kits are ready to go

aerocharger 66 series harley turbo kit

Aerocharger's 66 Series is available now.

Courtesy of Aerocharger

If you are like Aerocharger, then there is no limit to how much power you want from your bike. Their 66 Series kit is designed with you in mind. Utilizing Aerocharger's larger 66 Series turbo, this kit will exceed your expectations. The 53 series kit is still the flagship and best match for motors up to 110ci, but if you want huge numbers from a larger motor (110-145ci), then you will want the 66 Series kit. The 66 Series kit has all the looks and functionality of Aerocharger's 53 Series kit, but will make the extra power you've been looking for. Prices start at $6395. Let the fun begin....No Turbo Lag... super torque and horse-power increases begin right off the line. Visit the Aerocharger website to see more.

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