Nash Motorcycle Swift Kicker - Flip Out

Not everyone wants to hit a button to start his bike. For those guys, flipping out the old kicker pedal is just what you do. However, once you get your bike running, you swing the kicker pedal back out of the way of your leg and take off. Once you get going down the road the pedal can swing back out and get in the way of your leg as you ride or when you put your leg down when coming to a stop. If you own a bike with an old-style kicker pedal, then you have had to deal with this. Nash Motorcycle Co. has come up with a solution for you kickers out there which will stop the bruising of your leg.

Nash's new kicker pedal flips up out of the way after you've kicked it over to ease your ride. Cast from 174 stainless steel, this pedal is constructed with all stainless steel hardware, and a brushed brass end-cap tops off the pedal. The Swift Kicker ($357) is easy to install and will work with all four- and five-speed kicker transmissions.

(1.) The polished stainless steel Swift Kicker is also available in a brushed finish as well.

(2.) The Swift Kicker up.

(3.) Installation is as easy as removing the 9/16 bolt from the stock kicker mounting base, lining up the Swift Kicker with the trans shaft, placing the bolt back through the base with a bit of threadlocker, and tightening down.

(4.) Here it is on the bike in the kick position.

(5.) And here it is, flipped up and out of the way of your leg. The pedal simply slips over the kicker shaft and locks into place.